31 October 2005

I feel like a bad wife and I'm not even a wife yet.

I'm totally getting sick and know that I have tons of cleaning ahead of me.

This is how I think.

I'm at work with another zillion and one things to do. You see I'm just drowning in life. Law school applications and a low LSAT score, wedding plans, and a growing gut. It's hard being me today. And yet I decided to try my best to start and keep writing in this thing b/c I used to write and then it all disappeared like the Halloween candy we once had. I just want to know what it is to be an organized and prioritized person b/c I used to know and now I don't.

And I want to know what happened to my friends; the ones that were once my best, absolute, most lovely friends--and then they fizzled out. It's like I dated them or something and I have to go through the breakups. My old roommate can't even come to terms with whatever it is I did to upset her 4 years ago. My other friend and I were so close and then she decided designer jeans, a short haircut, and a pasty thin body were much cooler than me and my words. So I just want to tell them both something: SCREW YOU. I don't have to care any more, but I do.