29 May 2006

This is the life

Summer is here. It seems that everyone knows it.

I have a bunch of sun burns smothered sporadically around my ankles, calf, chest, left arm, and right elbow. The sun bit me; but the beach was worth it.

27 May 2006

I'm enjoying my weekend so far.

I've got an iced French vanilla coffee sweating next to me on the desk. The laundry is cranking away. I'm procrastinating just a little longer on cleaning the bathroom. We've already hit up Trader Joe's for groceries--even got some wine for my parents when we see them later at their Cape place. The sun is trying it's hardest to push through the clouds; the humidity is in full force. The windows are wide open, people strutting about in shorts, tanks, and sandals. All is good.

And I'm thinking of the band again.

When we were at Trader Joe's and got out of the car. The smell of tar burning in the parking lot from the intense summer (almost summer) sun reminded me of band camp days. We stood lined up on the white parking borders that keep cars in check. We count, line up, and do it all over again. We yell and if we don't yell loud enough we have to do it again.

"Eyes with pride" is our motto--and it's drilled into our minds every practicing moment. The entire band community has memorized the pride words. Even the University of Delaware's marching band director uses it for her group--since she is an alumnus of UMass and our band.

Last night at J's wedding (which was very lovely, by the way), we saw some fellow band alumni. Not as many as the last wedding we attended, but enough faces who we didn't see at the previous nuptuals affair. And instead of only saying hello and catching up, we discussed how quickly the time has flown; four years ago we were all so engrossed with one another because we saw each other every day. Not in class or at the DC (dining commons)--but at practice, [too] early at games, on the field, out of town on a bus, at a rest stop, on a gym floor (because this is where we slept during away games/shows). It amazes me how connected we are. We all think we're tied to our home town because we grew up there and have roots. But thinking back to your class from high school or even college doesn't put things into perspective as much as this 350-person band does. And it's not the same feeling as thinking okay, these people graduated with me. No, it's these people who endured the hellish, cultish ways of the band--we ended our summer early, we didn't have "real" weekends. And for what? A quick half-time show--a 2-hour long post game affair...exhibition events...inaugural parades...

Maybe it was the cheering we enjoyed. We felt on top of the world because this was as close to fame as we could get.

The thing is, even with our complaints about band and what it was and still is, I haven't found anyone who has regretted their having been involved in something so demanding. In something so geeky.

Anyway, I don't know how to end this post but I need to.

24 May 2006

Prince is now performing.

I never liked him.

Not even when he was the artist formerly known as Prince.


So I've got the show on both TVs as bub is out doing better things with his evening.

I think Taylor will win.

But I want Catherine to win.

But I don't think she will.

But I'm not sure either one of them is good enough.

See, I wanted Chris to win. Hotness aside, he just rocks. But since he's probably going to be Fuel's next lead singer, I guess it's okay that he was booted.


I always cry at the finale of the show. When the confetti flies and the backup singers come out (especially when Fantasia won), that is a real major tear jerker for me. And it's not that I wanted them to win (I personally don't think Fantasia was really talented; I was more moved by the gospel singers), it's just this like epiphany for these average people who compete all this time for this major turn of events.

So the show is almost over and I've cried twice. Once when just the guy finalists sang. And definitely when Eliott sang and Mary J. Blige came out. She really knows how to rock.

So we'll see who wins tonight. And even if it's the person I don't want to win, I'll still appreciate the confetti.

16 May 2006

Ring True

The end of my day yesterday was not how I had planned.

I hadn't planned on receiving an e-mail, the second one within 24 hours from my ex-college roommate (and ex-best friend) who hasn't tried to contact me in four years.

I hadn't planned on staying at work until 6:30, well because, I had done so on Friday and I thought staying until 6:00 was long enough. But when a top publisher calls you wanting to do business, you stay. You listen, you hear them out.

Then there was the grocery store to pick up avocadoes and milk. Avocadoes to go with our Mexican theme last night and milk, well, because we needed it! But I had picked the worst line to get into. The man ahead of me apologized profusely as his cashier stood there looking bored and a bit nervous; his manager walked s l o w l y back to the register. Apparently the guy had a coupon and it wasn't rung in right. Go figure. It's now 7:45, and I'm home. But it isn't until I'm 1/2 done blabbing about my day's trials and tribulations when bub says the mail's on the turtle tank.

I'm like what? And I see the box.

Our wedding rings. The very piece of jewelry that we'll wear until death do us part. I couldn't finish my story. I've been waiting to try mine on for so long since we were at the jeweler. It took us a while to figure out what to have bub's engraved with. Since mine is an eternity band, I can't engrave anything on it, but that's just fine with me. I don't need my ring to say anything I don't already know.

So we put them on and marveled at what it "looks like" to be wed. I checked out the engraving on his and I tried mine on with and without my engagement ring.

Perfect. Just like my guy.

12 May 2006

Fun for Friday

Thanks to Daily Editor for starting the listing of things.

Here's why I like Fridays:

1. Because if you stroll in a few minutes late to work, no one thinks twice.
2. Because it's the last day of the work week you have to set your alarm.
3. Because everyone wears jeans and is in good spirits.
4. Because everyone laughs a little easier and does a little less work.
5. Because at 5:00pm, it's not happy hour, it's happy weekend.

Here's why I like the rain:

1. It makes staying in bed a little longer more enticing.
2. It's the best time to watch films.
3. It's a great time for baking brownies.
4. It's a good reason to be lazy indoors.
5. It doesn't cause sunburns.

And if you think you know me, you may not:

1. I don't have a middle name.
2. I drink my coffee black or with skim milk only.
3. I hate tuna fish.
4. I love seafood.
5. I was a band geek for 8 years, complete with band camp.
6. I want to open a bakery.
7. I got rejected from all three law schools I applied to.
8. I'm getting married in 10 weeks.
9. I know alot of French terms.
10. I'm going to lose a syllable when I change my last name.
11. I feel like since I've graduate college, my writing is weaker and my mind is mushier.
12. I like to procrastinate.

11 May 2006

Am I the only person in the world who doesn't have a routine?

I'm not talking about a work routine--yes, I do get up every morning, shower, get to work, leave, eat dinner, etc. But I mean, I don't have a groove. My gym habit is askew. My errand running doesn't run like clockwork.

The weekends are a complete mess. I love to sleep in, yet I feel better getting up early and getting things done.

I went on and on in another post about the mediums of my life, yet I can't find a happy medium when it comes to my routine, my groove, my life. It's frustrating and I end up carrying around quite a bit of guilt.

For example, last weekend I had adventurous plans to clean the bathroom and kitchen all the while organizing the fun shower gifts given to me just the week before.

Boxes and bows remain; it looks like we're getting ready to move out!

I make lists and lists and lists. I cross a very few things off and then I make a fresh list and I feel like the same old things get written down. It sucks. I hate it. I need a routine class. Someone needs to organize my life--not my underwear drawer or my desktop, but I need someone to take a look at the daily/weekly/monthly things I have to do and tell me what the best plan is.

That's it, I need a plan!

And I feel like I'm getting alot done lately on the wedding front. But with it comes the guilt of not doing things like having fresh laundry so that I don't have to wear a bathing suit bottom to work the next day. Yes, I still do that occasionally, but shhh, don't tell anyone! : )