28 December 2007

The New Year's Post

I have been telling myself to sit down and write out my resolutions for a little while now, but I'd push it off to watch bad TV or hang on the couch since apparently this vacation of mine is anything but productive.

Here it goes.

To be positive. Bub is always looking on the bright side. Seeing the good. Me? I'm gloom and doom. It comes from my dad. I know it's annoying for Bub to hear. But right now? It's hard to be positive when the situation can potentially be sad.

To be healthy. Whether this is by way of eating and/or exercising, I want to find foods and activities I will want to actually like, not force myself into eating/doing just because they're right. For example, taking yoga classes over joining a gym because yoga may be more fun than a treadmill most days of the week. (Is it?)

To write. I took a class in the fall and it feels like ages ago. An online one and not the best choice, I haven't looked at the results of what I've taken away from it and there's alot I want to practice and experiment with...I just want to find other outlets to carry out creativity and this is a sure place to start.

To be on time. I've written about this before, but I suck at being on time. I never leave enough time to get ready, to drive somewhere, etc. I really need to get it together. Here's my chance.

To reassess my dreams: motherhood, career, school, travel, hobbies. What are they? I've been stressed and busy that I haven't figured it all out. I'd like to be able to know where they stand now since I'm not getting any younger and I'm sure that I can part with my usual sedentary habits long enough to make a plan.

To not hold grudges. Bub hates it. I feel like an ass, but I can bring up the silliest, dumbest thing in a fight with Bub that happened ions ago and he'll think, why do you have to keep bringing that up? Haven't you forgiven me? Yes, I have, I just like to remind him of what once was. I know, it's mean.

I'm sure I'll think of more, but for now that's a wrap.

2007 was a great year. No doubt. We've grown as husband and wife and we're now homeowners. Work is stable (knock on wood) and there's so much to look forward to. I hope there are some surprises on the way. And good ones at that.


26 December 2007

First Impressions and Christmas

I learned that you don't get a second chance when it comes to first impressions. And today, Sass needed no second chance.

She is a pretty person with a warm smile, a calm, sweet woman who I could easily talk to as if I had known her for many months. I already felt I knew more things about her than a usual acquaintance would, yet there were things I was dying to know: what did she do for work? Is she having wedding withdrawls? What does she think about starting a family sometime in the future and does it terrify her as it does me?

I have to say that I wasn't nervous--maybe a tad--to meet her. She wasn't a stranger so much as I had high hopes that we could grow a friendship out of this blog world that so many people spend time commenting on, reading, and browsing. For me, it's hard to meet new people, let alone nice people who aren't fake or who have trouble being real. Sass meets the real deal criteria; I had a lovely time.

That's not say I'll meet every person over this online thingy, but the fact that I hear from a select group of people, checking in with me through comments and emails, wishing me well, caring about me, that easily supersedes the silence I receive from some of the friends I have a hard time connecting with on a weekly, if not monthly, basis.


Christmas. It was a great day. We spent Christmas Eve working on the house--cleaning, organizing, opening up some boxes. It didn't feel like Christmas Eve because of the chores we were doing, but later on we visited with Bub's family and I felt connected, which, as many of you know, is difficult for me. We enjoyed some sweets and visited with Bub's grandfather. We awoke early Christmas morning and ran down to our tree to open gifts before cooking mom's famous carrot casserole and then heading to church with my side of the family. After mass, it was gift time at my parents' house. Then lots of eating. More eating. And yes, more eating. I haven't had my mom's turkey and stuffing in ages and it was sooo worth the hiatus to taste everything all over again. Yummmy. Yummmy. Yowzers.

We got lots of fun gifts and trinkets from the North Pole, but my shopping streak was suppressed in lieu of shopping for others this holiday season, and very well should be, but now I've just discovered this site. My debit card is playing hide and seek. Except I know where it's hidden so I guess it's not a good tactic when it comes to a little shopping fever...

24 December 2007

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Wishing all of you a very lovely holiday. Eat, drink, be merry...


When I was decorating the Christmas tree while Comcast set us up with a phone line, Internet, cable, all that grand stuff that keeps us, uh, connected, I was in Christmas-mode, decorating the tree, wrapping presents...Bub was upstairs doing some unpacking and was okay with not decorating our tree. It made for some quiet time to reflect on memories of decorating our tree when I was growing up. My family would go out together, pick a grand tree, go home, put on carols, and then my sister and I would go to town with the ornaments after Mom and Dad put on the lights and put it in the spot in the house where they wanted it to be shown off.

So as I decorated my little tree, I thought, something's missing...That little person, whether it be a boy or girl, or some day both, with a sparkle in their eyes and a silent smile on their faces, they'd hang Santa or an angel on the tree branches with pride.

Someday soon I hope to create those memories. Memories of a family. The reality of that life comes alive in this house.

Merry Christmas. And without further ado, our tree! Our camera needed to be charged, so you get the blurry phone pic. But you get the gist.

18 December 2007

Home Sweet Home

So. We are here.

Our new house, our new town, our new address. We are so happy to be rid of the coin-operated washing machines and non-working dryers at our old home so the washer and dryer here? We have, no joke, done at least ten or so loads of laundry already. And? I don't mind doing laundry at all. I'm GLAD to!

Our tree is up! We got it last night and it looks like a poodle tail at the top. The branches and needles stop and then a perfect clump of branches follows. Oh, and it's like 3.5 feet. It's a cutesy little bub tree. Pictures to follow.

I got to hang a little wooden mitten I just bought on our front door. Our old door was not conducive to hanging decorations...

We have a landline for the first time in five years. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Did we just take a step back in technology?

So that's the quick update. The closing was smooth, quick. The move? Hard, but fun since we had so much help.

Sure, there's plenty to unpack, clean, and decorate. We are irked somewhat by the old lady curtains left behind, the peeling wallpaper, and unsatisfactory electrical work. But we wake up surrounded by the silence of the outdoors. We glance outside to see nature and not dirty trains. I get smiley when I pull into our driveway. We're on our way...there is so much to do that it's hard not to get overwhelmed. There is so much cleaning and on top of that there's the snowy weather that makes it even harder to keep things sparkling...

So it's back to work tomorrow.

Good thing it's a two-day week for me!

13 December 2007

I'll Be Home for Christmas

So we're growing closer to D-day as my work friend likes to say.

We made a ton of progress last night with packing. All that's left are the items we need day-to-day like soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, sheets, um, the bed, hair products. There are my brown boots that don't give me a hard time when I wear them, my basket of knitting...since I don't ever really knit but would like to, and then a bunch of breakables in the kitchen.

Bub moved the sofas so that they face each other closely and hover near the remaining stray empty boxes.

There is dust and there are bunnies and there are also the turtles who must wonder what's going on.

We have one final item regarding the Christmas cards. Oh, and we're about 10 cards too short on supplies. But no big deal. They're the least important people anyway. Kidding.

Tomorrow I'll work a half day after we do a final walk through of our house. Then we'll close. And we'll release an old man of his childhood residence. Together Bub and I will begin a flood of new memories.

I think that although it is strange to be moving during such an off-season that the fact that it's Christmastime is helping. The XM carols, the decorations I see as I drive my long commute home. To think that this time next week I'll be working my last day of 2007 and have a mere 15 minutes to trek to and from our new house to the office sounds so nice.

I'm a bit anxious about settling and decorating. I like getting things done, crossed off my list, never to be thought about again. But we move in Saturday after an afternoon of cleaning tomorrow and we will not have yet steamed off the drab wallpaper or torn down the 60's drapes. In time, these things will get done. I want to get a feel for the space first. We moved into our condo after painting every inch of it. It was a little rushed towards the end. But since it was small, it was doable.

Not that our house is a McMansion, no, it's rather a cozy little abode that we are so excited to make ours, but all I wanted was to be home for Christmas. Fitting in renovations and painting would have interrupted the moving chain of events. And so we will be home for Christmas, we will be.

So I'm signing off until next week. Because I won't have a chance to write sooner and because, well, our Internet will be disconnected and I won't be at work either.

So until then, belt out some carols, drink some egg nog if you like it, and shop 'til you drop--but sneak in a fun gift for yourself. And if you live near where I do--good luck with the fluffy white stuff coming our way.

11 December 2007


We move in 3 days just in time for a snowstorm they are predicting for Sunday.

I haven't been to the gym in ahem I *think* a month and the only meal I had yesterday outside of dinner was that of anything Hershey's, thanks to a partner.

We've made good progress on the holiday cards. Another make your own project. I'm not sure what we were thinking by trying to make these and move in the same week.

My face hates me. The great zitfest of 2007. I have a zit on my neck that screams chicken pox. It looks like one of those things and since I'm pale it's smack dab in the center of my light skin. What gives? I'm already thinking about the new sweater/top I should buy in case it doesn't go away in time for Bub's Christmas party at work.

My arms feel fat as I type this and they squeeze against my body for warmth.

I'm freezing.

I have 2.5 days of work left this week and a 2-day week next week. Then I'm off until 2008. Reminding myself of this is what's getting me through the stress.

Our condo looks like it threw up boxes.

There is so much to do.

On the fun front, there's a local organic farmshare in our new town. We are already in the organic club and can start ordering organic fruits and veggies this week if we want.

Now all we need is a dog so that we can partake in the local dog park with Sass.

I still haven't gotten my period and I'm confident I'm not pregnant. But I've never missed a month so I wonder if I should call the gyn. Ugh.

More later.

07 December 2007

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I've been a good girl all year. Ahem. And I'd like to put in my request for a couple, I mean just a few, things. K? Thanks.

OK, so we just bought a house--no thanks to you, Santa, because how can you fit a house inside of a house's chimney and then tuck it under a tree? And since our current home has no chimney, I do think you owe us some extra goodies for not being able to properly visit us the past three and a half years. K? Thanks.

I never said I was Martha Stewart, Santa, but I certainly like her Web site and magazines. This girl never ever buys magazine subscriptions for herself. Can you help a domestic-wannabe-diva out?

I do love my Anthropologie apron that my dear friend gave to me at my bridal shower, but I'm sure the other home goods they sell would do just fine on our wood floors and in the three bedrooms I need to decorate. I wouldn't mind a cute little dress to wear on New Year's Eve, either. I hear they have some pretty fab stuff. I mean, I know they do. This is where this girl likes to get her shopping spree on. After all, a new year means new clothes, right? You wouldn't want me shopping at a less-than-stellar boutique since we're now broke from putting a down payment on the house. K? Thanks.

Now that we have a gynormous screened in front porch and a cute 'lil deck to play in when the weather turns warm that means...lemonade! And entertaining! And barbeques! But wait. We don't have one of those things to cook burgers and hot dogs and therefore we have nothing to serve the potato salad with. That's right, Santa, make us yearn for summer with a new grill! K? Thanks.

I don't want to act like a gift-grubber, Santa, really, so please just give as many toys and homes to those who are in need of them and who are alone this holiday season. K? I'd even let you not get me a grill if it meant you gave millions of toys to children out there hoping for shiny somethings under the tree.

We're pretty bummed about not being able to attend that wedding in Anguilla that we were pleasantly surprised and honored we got invited to. So in lieu of that please help us save, save, save our pennies again so that we may be able to go on a nice little trip in '08 that doesn't trump the Italy honeymoon, but maybe involves some sun, beaches, swimming, shopping, and a tad bit of camping and hiking (to please my Bub).

Oh, and Santa, when I was a little girl many years ago, wishing upon a star, smelling Christmas in the night, wishing with all my might as I attended party after event after get together solo, sans my love...Santa, thanks for my husband. He's the best gift under the tree each Christmas. And the best gift every day.

K? Thanks.

05 December 2007

Gold or Silver? Silver or Gold?

I know, I know, I'm spoiling you with two posts today....

So my online shopping demon is taking over. This time it's for moi...I know, I know, it's Christmas, but this is TOO cheap to pass (we're talking UNDER $40!!!!! and that includes the clutch!).


But now there's the question of which clutch: Gold or Silver. I'm more a silver chick, but gold seems like it will work with the dress better. I'm very sensitive about matching. I don't wear gold jewelry with silver, etc.


And now...silver:

I could wear the dress to Bub's holiday party next week; I have a cream wrap. I think I can pull the outfit off except that it will be minus seven hundred thousand degrees for sure and my legs have turned into liquid fat from my banishment from the gym.

Oh, I didn't tell you? I decided to make up a story that I was banished from the gym. Makes me feel better about the situation.

Thanks for your input. Or please tell me that the dress is ugly and I'll go save my $27.80 plus shipping for it.

Good Progress

I'm making good progress with my shopping. I know, yesterday I was bitching and now today? It's all changed?

No, really. After a few swipes of the debit card, things are looking up on the gift front.

Thanks to Pessimistic Redhead I've got my sister covered with some baked goodies. I even got some licorice for my mother too.


Everyone in the office has been freezing and running space heaters non-stop. People with offices...ahem...like moi (and damn proud of it!) are shutting their doors to keep the warmth close.

It is so cold here, and I so despise walking through the icy parking lot to the car so that I can run an errand to the post office, let alone entice myself with some Starbucks!

Yes, the post office has been on my list for some time. I want to fill out a change of address form thingy so we are set with our mail. Apparently, if you do so online, they make you pay and they have to ensure that your credit cards all have said new address so that they don't thnk you're being fraudulent.

Hi, who would want to be me? I have bills, bad hair days, and I've been PMSing forever. Oh, I didn't mention that my period is 2 weeks late, approaching 3? Yeah, my period is so irregular. A week to two weeks late is pretty consistent, but we've just passed the 2-week mark. It's like Christmas in your pants when I get it, but not really.

That was kind of gross. Sorry. And no, I'm not pregnant, but thanks for thinking that. I so appreciate it : )

04 December 2007

Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?

I've been doing some soul searching lately and I haven't enjoyed it.

I've been complaining, whining, bossing, and acting like a plain old snob.

I think I'm in a rut.

I think the holiday bug has bit me, but in a I-must-be-obsessive-compulsive-and-get-all-this-stuff-done-so-that-we-can-enjoy-the-holidays mood. I've been barking at Bub, freaking myself out that after Bub's Christmas party, the night before we close, that we'll be all holiday-cute and stuffing boxes with newspaper-wrapped items until dawn instead of snuggling in our warm bed and celebrating that we're moving! and to our first house! and yeah!

Last week I emailed several friends and family members to help us move in 10 days, a mere 10 days before Christmas and the response? Overwhelmingly positive. I don't get it. Ask me to do that for someone else and I would have laughed at the computer screen and told Bub, are they for real?

So for this I am grateful, but I don't know what it is about my 'tude that is making me this way. I think I'm stressed.

So, moving on to more stress. What the hell do I buy my sister? She is not a girly-girl, her birthday is in a little over a week and the best I can do? The best I can do is think that a set of knives is a good gift.

Someone set me straight.

See, my sister lives in her condo and is a bonafide work-aholic. That is fine and that is what her work is all about--the client--and deadlines--and I could never do it because you need to know math. And so yeah. I thought knives would be a good gift because we went and carved pumpkins before Halloween at her place and she said she had this one crappy knife aside from a kit she bought. She needs some home love. Knives could help, right?

And the funniest part is? Bub thinks knives are OK for her gift too. Um, can you imagine if we go through with this and get her knives?

This gets better. So we decided on a Restoration Hardware gift cert for Bub's parents. They are doing some remodeling and Bub's mother told me how she really likes the store, so we think this is a great gift idea. Except apparently I go haywire with gifts (I know, I am about to purchase knives, but go with me here) and Bub's mom is all like we're asking for no gifts or to spend no more than $25. They are sweet, and all like, you just bought a house so please don't concern yourself with buying gifts. But hello? You can buy like 2 coffees at Starbucks and a piece of gingerbread and go over that amount. So we decide to get a gift cert for Bub's mom and dad thereby making it $50 ($25 for Mother-in-Law and $25 for Father-in-Law). I still think this is too little so we think that getting a small something else as a joint gift will complete the giving.

So what do we get? I don't want to get something geared towards one gender more than another or else it's not a joint gift and so at least three times Bub has suggested that we get.... socks (as in the things you put on your tootsies) as a gift.

Hi Mother-in-Law, how are you? Oh, yes, enjoy the gift certificate, complete with your socks. We got you the special white kind. We didn't want to go over the maximum amount, so no gold-toe brands were purchased.

Although the woman who thought I was preggers earlier this year? She bought me socks for Christmas last year.

I won't knock them though, they are pretty nice.

01 December 2007

Some things to look forward to

Well, right now it's the weekend so I can check that one off my list.

We move to our new home in 13 days.

Christmas is in 24.

I have a shitload of vacation coming up and I couldn't be happier to break in the new house, get settled, relax, and explore our new surroundings.

We are going to our first Christmas party tonight.

Bub and I had a heart-to-heart chat today which was much needed. We've been so busy with getting ready for the move and life to catch up on us.

I guess that's it at the moment, but it sure feels like a lot.