29 June 2007


Today has been a fluffy work day. I had a good start, working from home, then about 11am, our brand spanking new, shiny, stainless refrigerator arrived. I know, it's just a fridge, but now we have actual shelves in the freezer (our wedding cake top is still taking up 80% of the thing, but at least we have some other space for all the actual frozen items one would normally have in their freezer). We now have normal shelves and not shaky wiry ones with two cracked crispers that were scary with one not really good at opening and closing.

Exciting, right? Well, I pulled something in my neck. Don't ask. I seem to be ever prone to neck pain now. I guess that's what you get when you're old. I was brushing my hair after this morning's shower when it happened and so now I feel like I have a headache starting at the base of my neck and dead center. It's really dumb, I know.

And in an hour the weekend officially starts. Except it's not just any weekend--it's my longest weekend in history. Our office is closed Monday through Wednesday. Can you say wow? WOW!

Happy Weekend!

25 June 2007

HBO's Influence


We have semi-crappy cable. Do not ask why, do not pass go and collect $200. We just don't. We don't have Bravo and we don't see the Red Sox unless they're on Fox. It's just the way it is at our place. Again, don't ask why.

We do have HBO, however. We have some priorities in place, you see. And with HBO comes alot of semi-good/great stuff--and some not so great. And then of course there's the issue of gee, this movie was just on! And I stayed up really late watching it when I could be watching it now at a much better (and earlier) time. These are the issues one faces when one does not have a DVR/TiVo, etc. I can't even vouch that TiVo is spelled or listed here correctly, that's how out of tune I am with this new technology that's really not so new anymore. Moving on...

I would never know how to answer the question: What is your favorite movie, Ripe? What have you seen that's good? Aside from my last post involving a flick (which sadly is not yet and may never be--who knows--on HBO), here is my list because thanks to HBO, I can watch these and never tire of them. Go ahead, have your fun. I will admit that if you have this playing on your TV, I will watch with you, no matter what:

In Her Shoes.
I can quote parts of this flick, yes. I love it when Maggy calls Rose a "Big, fat, pig"--I just love it. The shoes are, of course, fabulous.

The Family Stone.
Love it. Ben is cute. Meredith makes you so uncomfortable during the dinner scene. It's just so painful to watch. Just a good film. Enjoy it immensely.

Now...I can't believe I'm going to list this one, but here it goes:

Nanny McPhee (did I just write that?)
Wow. I think this is a nicely created flick. Very vibrant and different. Kids are adorable; Simon is a favorite. I like the name Evangeline, too. I love when Nanny McPhee says "You are the end of the story." Sigh.

What are some of your favorite flicks and which are the ones you can watch again and again and again!?

23 June 2007

The Swell Season

I don't usually plug people or things aside from the weather here. It's just not me. But we saw this movie. We saw the preview for it last week and I thought, I want to see this. So last night we did.

I had an idea of what to expect: music, love, etc. But it was grand. I can't describe it. But the best part of all is that the music is so lovely. So today I've been downloading it--many of the songs are just so... I don't know because I'm not a critic and again, I don't usually write about this sort of thing. But if you want to know more, go here and there.

If you do decide to see Once, enjoy it. It really does make you feel good.

22 June 2007

Finding Love

Yes, we've made it to Friday. Day two of summer. These next weeks will fly; I already saw my first fall advertisement. For shoes, but of course--everyone has fall shoes on their mind.

Last night Bub had something after work and I hit the gym after dropping him off. I told a co-worker or two that my plans for the evening were really to just hit the gym. And then I cringed because I usually do the opposite of what I say and instead drink wine while watching bad TV. Hey, who said that's not a fun night? But no, I made it to the gym. Then I picked up my husband and I freshened up and we went out for a casual drink and some apps because the summer solstice is a day we thought we wouldn't celebrate again. No, now that we have our wedding anniversary, there's no need, but it still bubbled up as a day to reflect and we did. Although, we had poor seating arrangements at the bar, having been sandwiched between two sets of strangers on either side of us, so it wasn't exactly romantic and there was some shouting in order to be heard.

We celebrated the anniversary of our first date--our first night out--six years ago.

We actually met the Sunday before the solstice at a bar while my friend droned on and on about her great summer job while I had yet to land one. It was the summer before my senior year of college and there were no internships lined up (paid or unpaid) to assist me in landing a job upon graduation.

Those internships came later and this post is not about my career, so moving on, Bub spotted us across the way and invited us over for drinks with he and his friend. Me being the naive girl that I still am thought he liked my friend, that is, until we were all parting ways after a couple of hours of drinking when Bub asked me to go to a Red Sox game some time. Wow. Of course I accepted as I had immediately felt a connection and attraction to him when we were all hanging out. On our way home, we ended up behind their car. And I thought I am going to burst if I don't get to a bathroom fast.

So, we followed their car to Bub's place which was on the way to my place--really! And I proceeded to act like a psycho. Yes, I would have been scared of me had this been the other way around and Bub had followed ME home, but I got out of the car when Bub did, crossed the street, and yelled out: Bub! I really could use your bathroom!

Progress was made; I did make it inside where I had a choice of the upstairs or downstairs one. I started to get sketched out. Who was this guy really, and how do I know that he's not treating this as a "I really like you and this is a way to really get to know you" situation? So I opted for the downstairs bathroom while I learned later that my friend, at this time, was freaked out thinking I was going to be assaulted.

The bathroom time turned into me hearing about Bub's upcoming vacation to Peru with friends. The friends he shared the house with, whose beer bottles were all over, complete with pizza boxes and other random single guy stuff. He tried on this new hat he got for the trip--sort of like a park ranger, army green hat--but cuter. Then I tried it on. And thinking back to that night, I wonder that as I gazed at him all goofy in this hat for his trip camping many miles away where he would probably forget all about this night, how would this end--as a summer thing--or less--or more?

We never did make it to the Red Sox game until much later on in our courtship, but there was dinner and drinks and seeing his friend's band on the solstice just before he left for Peru. And as they say, the rest is history. And now one month from today we'll celebrate making our lives together official. And how Bub asked me from bent knee to be his wife.

Happy Friday.

18 June 2007

Thinking of you bloggers everywhere

We all get ready for our morning. Some like coffee, others rush through the process: shower, cereal, out the door. Some bathe at night so the snooze button is more appealing.

We turn up the radio and turn down the window.

We all feel tired come three o'clock when we have that afternoon meeting that's "very important" just like the weekly morning meeting that proves as wasteful as all the junk e-mails sitting untouched on the screen.

We had our toes painted in peach dacquiri as the woman struggled to say "color". The process was unrushed which is new especially when the treatment is the cheapest around and you're in a hurry to get to your mother-in-law's birthday party so that you can talk about how many people from your town went to Iraq and if we had today off.

I most certainly didn't.

And you may wonder if you dress young. Or maybe you're not old enough. Because I certainly wonder if I can get away with the cute and vivid items I like to purchase when I'm a mother--hell, aren't I supposed to be according to my co-worker?

We sit and laugh with friends and tell the server to bring us another drink--or not, it's late and we're tired but yet we don't see one another more than once or twice a month.

We all have laundry to do and groceries to purchase.

So yes, I do think of you. I wonder, do you think of me, too?

12 June 2007

Sizing up my thoughts

We used to live on Columbia Ave when the traffic light blinked green all through the night, not even stopping while we were at work. But when we drove by tonight we saw the change as the yellow glow came on and off to signal the nearby fire house.

We walked hand in hand as she turned once but did not notice. It was when she turned again that her face froze and she tried to search for recognition for the missing piece that was me.

She judged me as I shared what I learned almost ten years ago and saw that I was different. Of course so was she. The long hair and goopy mascara didn't throw me off, it was the warmth that once consumed her character, the fluid motions in dance class.

Dance. She always had the ballerina poise. But it ate through her as she stated that she pulled a muscle and danced no longer. Pause. Silence. I knew it could be more, but it was hard to place especially after so much time passed. Anorexia? Bulemia? Her frame never as fragile as I remember. And was the man she walked with and introduced us to her boyfriend? It was too personal a question to ask. Too intrusive for the girl who wore no shoes as she drove me to and from our classes.

She said I looked fantastic, but was she secretly thinking that I was fat?

I was an English major too, she said. But I felt the disappointment behind her words. That she worked in financial services. That she was surprised I got married.

To the past I say. To the past.


I was brought to tears by what I heard. I can never keep dry when you speak. The words don't even have to be powerful; it's you who has the lifeline. It's you who is seeking help without even asking for it.

06 June 2007

Bub Time

Everyone should consider taking a random Wednesday off. Or, call in and pretend you're sick.

That's exactly what I did. The best part? That Bub didn't go to work either.

We had ourselves a naughty lunch and said what the hell? It's our day to do what we want. It was like having a birthday and doing as you please but it wasn't our birthday at all.

Did we do anything special? Not really--but we got some much needed time together. Looking back on that reasoning it seems silly. Here's the man I've been with almost six years. We've lived together for almost five and next month, we'll have been married one. I see him every night and morning after/before work, on weekends (when I'm not away for work), yet I felt like it had been a while since we had spent real bub time together.

Didn't we just get back from a NYC trip together? Yes. But the whole trip was focused on work. And it wasn't fun to enjoy Sunday thinking about how Monday it was more work and on and on. Sure, I finally put in for my second vacation day so far this year to enjoy next week, but today--there would be no guilt when calling in to my boss with the oldest line in the book: I'm not feeling so hot, so today will be a sick day for me. And then the hesitant: Call me if you need me. HA! I forgot my phone at home for most of the day, so clearly I couldn't have cared less.

Tomorrow is back to work for us, but we're one day closer to the weekend and one business day more refreshed. The most important part, we've caught up on bub time because the few minutes of saying goodbye in the morning to rushed dinners so we can do errands/chores/exercise/sleep just don't cut it.

So I just got off the phone with my mother and let it slip how we played hooky. She made me feel guilty. And threw in how some of us work...as if I've ever pulled something like this before. I guess I forgot that she is my mother and certain things still sound outrageous to her even when I think I've made a sound decision as an adult. I'd like to think I am one.

Yes, I do think everyone deserves their own mental health day whenever. Bub time is just as important as making a living.

01 June 2007

New York

So I'm here. And I think I could live here. Sure. It's hot and smelly and there are lots of people, yes.

I'm currently waiting for my husband to arrive. The wine is open, the a/c is turned on high. I'm recollecting all the people of my past I come to see once a year. The other events, not so much--they're more straight forward and professional. Actual business is handled. Here, it's a free for all event. Freebies in print, in drink, and of course, the reminiscing. I decided that I can't stand people who only care about themselves so much that they forget to ask about you. And no, just asking about your husband doesn't count. I don't think you're that great and neither should you.

But there was one person I wondered if I would see. Someone who most likely will stumble upon this post. Someone who is connected to the early part of my career. Someone who surely wants nothing to do with me. Someone who is a complete stranger now. But I looked across the corridors and around corners and thought: did she grow her hair long? Did she dye it? Is that her gabbing to someone?

No, I didn't see her. And I won't ever, I suppose.

New York City is a big place. Big enough for two strangers.