28 April 2006

I fell in love again...

I was alone in the dressing room with my brand new gown--my first time unzipping it, slipping it on, and twirling around. I was more than excited; I had the fluttery heart thing going on. Then I started feeling sad. So much fun wearing a beautiful piece of clothing--for only one day of of life.

It's Friday and with it come good moods in the office, people whizzing about in their shiny cars, smiles on their faces--it's the weekend! It's even more glorious when the sun shines. I am happy that I can share in the warm weather bliss that is well on its way. We are only thawing with spring, but it's summer that I long the most.

Happy Day!

26 April 2006

I'm home.

So I just got home from GSM also known as our Global Sales Meeting. It was my first one and it being almost my first year anniversary of having worked for this particular company, I was meeting the spread out sales team for the first time together in one place. Faces were new; I definitely felt like the new girl--nervous, anxious, quiet. Well not too quiet b/c after meeting the first new face, I found out that he was the guy who likes to email me daily to find out the timeline for this book his client is looking for. Not just any client: a major corporation. Of course, due to the public nature of these things I'm afraid I can't share more.

The meeting moves around annually, but this year it was in Providence. I relived some college drinking moments last night. How pathetic, but certainly bonded with new and old faces. The old ones being those from corporate who I see on a regular basis.

So I had a good experience and learned alot about the sales process. And I was happy to feel the reiteration of not being someone who has to sell X amount of anything to get paid! Thank goodness. But my job is sort of salesy and sort of legal and sort of publishing. And after receiving an award at our dinner last night--not only was I pleasantly surprised, I was touched. And it wasn't the fact that they spelled my name wrong--one too many letters and not a typo--and it wasn't my snickering work buddy's remark that everyone gets one of these awards at one time or another--it was the fact that I finally felt for the first time in my life at a job--that I was recognized.

And it feels great.

23 April 2006


I swear the weekend days go by faster than work days b/c hours have less minutes on a Saturday and Sunday.

I started off the weekend with a trim of the hair and learned that my new fabulous haircutter (stylist, hairdresser, etc.) can and will travel to wherever we get ready for the big day when I say "I do." This followed by a fabulous dinner with friends and an extremely productive meeting with the florist (I now know what flowers I am carrying!) brought me up through Saturday afternoon (a.k.a. 1/2 the weekend flying by!) Last night was more low-key and today we managed a few other wedding details...and we now have a ring bearer, so a sigh of relief not having to go back and forth on this decision any further...

We're also slowly addicted to attending open houses again. We managed to squeeze in two today, which is more than what we have been doing as of late...and it's not the recent break in's that's made us scurry for a new pad...but it's the making house, the decorating, the space, the future (read: children...) that has us spinning our wheels looking for a yard, good schools, a porch, walk-in closets, easy commuting and so forth. We are living in a dream world since we're only looking in pricey locations, but we refuse to settle to settle. And our little home now isn't shameful. But I feel like we're growing--growing our lives more closely together in a marriage and in our future as husband and wife. And call me materialistic if we're thinking a nice bathroom and tidy kitchen will make us happier--we know it won't. But it's the excitement of "home sweet home" it's beyond moving in together. It's our married residence, it's our house to raise a family (not right away)...and it's yet another thing that we have to look forward to. Me and Bub. I am so excited!

18 April 2006

Why is there etiquette if people don't know the rules anyway?

Planning a wedding really teaches you a great many things. Aside from the obvious: save money, plan ahead, and have fun with it, but don't go too overboard with the planning--does one really need 100 white doves released at the conclusion of the ceremony? Or a chocolate fountain for fondue dessert? There are many things you learn about your family and your family to be--and maybe even your friends.

Example number one: Ecstatic parents who want to parade around their children at the wedding, forgetting that it's not a dog show, but a wedding. If the save the date or more important, the invitation, is not addressed to "The _____ Family" or doesn't list the children's names on the envelope--they are NOT invited. It was NOT an oversight on the bride and groom's end to omit these names. We simply didn't FORGET to put their names down, especially when the bride HANDwrote each and every save the date envelope.

Example number two: I don't have one yet, but there's time.

So in closing, why is there etiquetee if people are going to be ignorant, selfish, and self-centered? You really bring out the bridezilla in me!

14 April 2006

So far...

So far 26 is off to a regular start. Same start as 25 did and maybe even 24. My old license officially expired so now my paper one reminds me of just having received my permit or first official license. I get 2 new licenses this year: the new one since the old expired and the new married status one--I'll have to have a new picture taken because I might look different as a Mrs. Whoa.

So tonight it's bowling. A group of friends, my sister, and of course my bub are off to eat pizza and bowl our little hearts out. My friend said "Oh, how cute--pizza and bowling, it's like a little kid's party." This is true, but the beer shall make it an adult time.

I'm glad that I have these little parties in honor of my birthday. It's not a chance to squeeze people for gifts--that doesn't matter! It's a chance to see these people, especially those I don't see often enough, and appreciate how blessed I am, how blessed I feel.

But we should all feel blessed because it's Friday!

12 April 2006

The last day of 25

So it's either PMS or whatever but this week has been rocky: mood swings, bad attitude, negativity, that dark cloud which follows you. I was embarrassed at work for trying to be sneaky with a contract and the publisher called me out on it and I played the cowardly role of "I only administer contracts, not write them." I was pathetic.

But it all ends today.

It's my last day of the quarter-century year. Granted I'm not yet 30, but I am feeling the aging process clearly. Not only are the wrinkles around my eyes present (they've been there a while), but I'm constantly thinking about when I used to be...a college student...way back in...high school...when I was just a...kid...no job...play was work...and friends were the only people I had to call back. Nevermind taxes, paychecks, car payments, and groceries. No cooking dinners, preparing lunch, running to keep in shape.

I'm in a rut and tomorrow is like my next New Year's Day. New resolutions, new start, fresh beginnings. Except I can't shake the funk. So I get facials, I write, I read, and I think. And I feel like the longer I've been out of school, the dumber I'm getting. Am I the only one who feels this way?

So tomorrow it is: the big 2-6. The big tradition: a meal out with the fam and the fiance. Friday is the friends party--the adult version of the one mom would organize all of your closest friends to attend and eat cake while opening pretty boxes.

Easter is around the corner, spring is definitely here and the breath of fresh air is most definitely needed. It's time to shed the winter doldrums for good. To turn it around. God I sound like Oprah on a motivation day.

I just feel like I'm talking more about what I should be doing than doing. I hate procrastination; it's a curse. It's time to stop hating though. It's time for a new year.

Happy Birthday to me!

05 April 2006

Once the weekend wrapped up, I was upset about something the past couple of days. It finally died down today, thank goodness--thanks to some therapy from an acquaintance. I think getting sleep helps. And that's something I haven't been easily able to achieve.

I now feel unsafe in our home b/c of the break-ins. I feel violated, which isn't abnormal, but now I have to sleep farthest from the bedroom door now so that if a thief came into the condo and went into the bedroom, they'd find bub first, not me. Not that I want him hurt--I'd gladly protect him, but see--he's much stronger than I. I hope the sprinkling of readers reading this doesn't think I'm trying to let my fiance be attacked first. Really I'm not. I just happen to need to act like a 12-year old and be afraid of what monsters--real as they are--may be on the way to get me. I'm also so paranoid that when bub leaves for work, I have to turn around every 2 seconds to look at the door of the condo while I blow dry my hair so as to make sure I can spot an intruder. What will I do when they arrive at my door with a crow bar in hand--or maybe a gun? Um, I dunno. I'll keep you posted.

04 April 2006

Warm pressure.

Warm, damp, moist pressure.

My face is cleansed. The steam starts.

The kneading begins. Pressure points are identified.

My last facial was a little over a year ago since I was sure I would become an addict if I continued with the overpriced service. However, for the way you feel coming out of these things, overpriced is not a fair word.

Beatrice has been the only one who has tended to my face, neck, shoulders, even my feet, with utmost care. She is a lovely person--knowledgable, healthy, and focused on her work. She gives me advice all the while making my complexion all the more glowing.

I scheduled my next one for May. After all, I do have to look my best for the wedding, right?