30 March 2006

Someone broke into 3 condos/apartments on our floor, right next to our place some time today. They left the apartment diagonally across from ours' rug in the stairwell door, to keep it propped open and if you peep around the corner into the stairwell, you see boxes of jewelry flung all over. Two out of the three doors had gouges (sp?) in them and when the owners came home (as we stood uncomfortably in the hall when they started swearing and gasping and crying and cursing some more), they opened the doors, jewelry on the floor aside, the only other noticeable item (apart from noticing things missing) was the fact that He-Man himself must have been on our floor because the incredible locks that everyone thinks and feels are the most safest--they were on the floor, ripped out, bent, torn, cut open, you get the picture.

Me? I'm OK; a bit scared, rather worried. And thinking, will they be back? Will they kill to get what they want? And, of course, which loser let a thief(s) into the building since you have to buzz anyone in without a key?

Fuck you thief asshole(s)!!!!!!!!!!
I just bought a cell phone online. I did the old "upgrade" thing so my phone was free and it's being shipped to me free. Now I would have thought to go to the store and actually purchase one to take home with me on the same day, but the thing is, the last time I did that, I had a 13 year old throw a phone at me and move on to another customer. Now me being a non-techie, I left the store not even knowing how to answer the thing when it rang. But was I going to ask teenage mutant phone boy for help and an explanation? No way. I slipped out of the store and drove away to ringing and my almost swerving off the road pressing buttons everywhere. Yeah, and it does only take one button to answer the thing, but it was all new and colorful; I was truly confused!

So today, I made a semi-hasty decision. It all started with a pesky flashing pop-up ad for a phone through my carrier--but that's not the phone I got. After much surfing online at work (yikes and oops), here I am. Free phone, free shipping.

Now all I need is a new charger.

Happy pre-weekend!

27 March 2006


Thanks to a friend, I'm going to look into a pastry chef program. After hearing about someone else's dream job as a pastry chef at Canyon Ranch (yes, the fabulous spa)--not only am I jealous, but this is something I dream about! OK, not the Canyon Ranch part, but opening my very own little dessert heaven. Isn't that just a perfect name in and of itself??


Part II: Oatmeal Things

No, I didn't manage to forget anything important from the recipe, so it should work well for you if you do decide to make these. My only comment is that you shouldn't leave them out all night to cool because in the morning you'll be so inclined to have at least one or two for breakfast. Catch my drift? So now I'm punishing myself by not eating a proper breakfast and shall eat a boring lunch to make up for my irresponsibility of eating cookies at breakfast. And I get mad at Bub for doing such things and look at me. I'm a hypocrite now.

I'm at work sipping on my french vanilla iced coffee with skim milk and wishing that i had packed cookies with me for a lunchtime snack. Shame on me. These are guilty thoughts! These are terrible thoughts. On top of that I hurt my back at the gym on Saturday and it hurts. And so I didn't go to the gym yesterday or today making me just feel like I'm gaining cellulite inch by cellulite inch second after second.

Someone stop me.

26 March 2006

Oatmeal Things

So this is my favorite cookie recipe. And I just made them tonight for the zillionth time ever. I know the recipe by heart and even though they're (ahem) not good for you, this recipe was modified from the original to be healthier (if you can believe it)!

Thanks to my mom for introducing me to this little cookie heaven :)

Oatmeal Things!

Over medium heat melt 1 stick of butter or margerine in a medium pan of your liking.
As the butter melts, mix in 1/2 cup skim milk (or whole milk or whatever milk you enjoy from the cows).
Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla.
To that add 1.5 cups of sugar.
Mix in 5 tablespoons of UNSWEETENED cocoa.
Stir everything well, and do so over medium heat until mixture bubbles and boils. At this time, prepare a measuring cup(s) with 3 cups of INSTANT Quaker Oats (my measuring cup only goes up to 2 cups, hence the plural form of "cup"). The non-instant oats are an awkward texture for these cookies, I find, by the way.

Don't forget about your boiling mixture!

Constantly stir the mixture over medium heat as it bubbles and boils for a total of 6 minutes.
Remove from heat after 6 minutes and add oats, stirring aggressively.
If mixture is dry, add a splash of your milk of preference--but not too much!
Drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper.

P.S. Do not make these often if you are trying to fit into a wedding dress :)

20 March 2006

a few bits

No.1 So I have some stomach issues today. I think I have a bug. Sure I had two beers last night, and probably too close to my bedtime, but I've never suffered from drinking immediately before bed as I'm usually sleepy. But I woke nauseous and after a little English muffin, I wasn't sure I could make it in to work this morning. Alas, I'm here and doing semi-okay.

No.2 What is the craze about My Space? I've heard about it too much and I'm slightly annoyed to be out of the loop. Someone please share what all the fuss is about.

No.3 I've decided my dream job would be to open a cupcake bakery. I'm ashamed to admit it as it's the latest craze; there was an entire piece about cupcakes and their new popularity on the news the other day. The piece sparked an idea that cupcakes can be used to my advantage in certain wedding planning. But loyal readers, let me put your mind to ease: it will not in any way replace the wedding cake. I don't want you to think I'm copying another poster...if you catch my drift!

No.4 Lastly, I'd like to wrap up this brief post (I am at work, after all) with an update about a broken friendship. We haven't communicated in a good 4 years. From another friend I learn that this individual recently contacted her. They don't talk often and when they do it's brief and bittersweet. The girl just about fell off the planet and wished for no one that she knew as a friend to be in her life. Her moving many miles away assisted in this wish. So now, she claims that her "head is now screwed on" and she's ready to make contact. This friend gave me a clock that says something about being forever friends. Right. She (as cliche as it sounds) was like a sister to me. Apparently she has decided to contact me, I've learned from the mutual friend. I haven't held a grudge lately since I've tried, through the years, to contact her at work, by phone, and through email. People change and forget to tell one another, I know, but recently, when this individual learned of my engagement through the mutual friend, the subject was changed, and the moment was more bitter than sweet. This time was not too long ago, when the mutual friend informed said individual of such news. So I'm not sure how screwed on said head is. I'm not saying I need this ex-friend to feel joy for me or happiness. But caring an ounce might be nice. Or caring about my welfare alone would be decent.

Bub says I should be the bigger person and contact her. But it's not about being the bigger person here, it's about a faded friendship and the lack of effort I know I exude. And it's me finally being okay with letting her go. Although I did at one point seek to send her a save the date for the wedding. A failed attempt.

Girls can be so difficult. And so can I.

16 March 2006

Blog Neglect

I'm sorry to my one or two loyal readers for not having written in so long. The thing is, I'm currently at work with stuff up to my ears, but that doesn't discourage me from wedding planning from my desk. Sigh.

My space bar has something underneath it so it's QUITE loud. Here are few items to keep everyone updated and then I'll write more later.

1. London was much fun--very busy, tired, cranky to have to work only 2.5 days after arriving, but hey, a free trip to another country is a gift in and of itself.
2. I think I liked Paris better.
3. I made it to the gym this morning. That's right, me and a couple sleepy souls were up at the ass-crack doing the elliptical.
4. I had a dream (the one right before I woke up to drive the dark streets to my gym) where I had to give a speech on the fly after having my name picked out of a hat. The audience was huge. The topic: pride--but not just pride as in, it's good to be proud, pride as in "eyes with pride" as in, my motto from marching band. Apparently I dream like a dork.
5. Natasha Bettingfield's UNWRITTEN came on in my dream. I heard it a total of THREE times BEFORE I made it to work. At the gym, I got on the elliptical right in front of the movie screen (3 screens: one on news, one on VH1, and one is a movie). Cake was on. Was amused by that chick who is on Grey's Anatomy...but the lead actress--not remembering her name--had to give a speech--on a whim. Do we think that my dream and what is going to "happen" to me today is a fortune teller or something?
6. We're closer to booking our honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast. If I told you how much I think it's going to land us in debt, I might cry.
7. I'm in the process of picking music for the ceremony. This makes things all the more real.
8. Last night I watched a complete stranger's wedding video--ceremony only--and then watched a complete stranger's reception--two different married couples--a long ass video--and I was teary-eyed.
9. I feel like a bridezilla. I'm somewhat stressed, trying hard to enjoy this, and am certainly having fun. Sure, it is definitely a blissful time. However, when the planning has consumed my life, when I'm embarrassed that I have nothing else to say aside from "We registered for luggage!" or "I think I found the bridesmaids' jewelry" I feel sort of silly. Shouldn't I be doing other stuff too??
10. Someone recently told me that I'm lucky. Not only that I'm planning what should be one of the best moments of my life, but in general to have found someone. That's when I feel like I can release the bridezilla. Shed the attitude, stress, and realize that there are many more important things than whether or not Sally is upset that she can't bring Bobby and Suzie to the wedding since it's a NIGHT wedding, ending late, and it's not at a hotel with babysitters and such. And that I feel guilty that people will get upset about something--maybe everything.
11. Weddings cost alot! Ahem, I can't get into how much pieces of paper are these days (that would be the invitation)...
12. Lastly, I don't want to be negative during what is a very hectic and exciting time. So I've decided instead of bridezilla, I'm just going to be me.

08 March 2006

I'm baaack

And I have lots to say, but I'm tired. For goodness sakes, I'm still on London time and it's 3:04 a.m.!

01 March 2006


I leave for London this time tomorrow. It hasn't hit me yet b/c of the neverending pile of work I have and will continue to have before and after the trip. Oh, and I get to work on the trip too. But I can't complain b/c if it wasn't for work, I wouldn't get to go to neat places like this.

Best part is that I'm kidnapping my Bub and I'm taking him with me across the pond...

See you Wednesday!