05 February 2008

A Reason to Celebrate

I have been thinking of how to word this post for a little while now. But I suppose if you just follow me over here, I can then fill you in on everything...

01 February 2008

Looking forward

To seeing Daily Editor tonight; it's been so long since we hung out!
To a much-needed facial tomorrow...
To fresh guacamole and hopefully a victory from the Pats...
To getting our new chocolate leather chairs on Monday for the living room!
To warm temps in Orlando in nine days...and seeing a good friend there before my work conference.
To chocolate banana waffles we'll make some time this weekend.
To our housewarming during the long weekend after Valentine's Day.
To seeing the spring catalogs start arriving.

What are you looking forward to?

28 January 2008

I don' t know what to name this post so I'm not. : ) But I'll just say I survived Friday's meeting with the Boss and the weekend was lovely and I wish it wasn't over.

Bub is a pizza-making fool so he made pizza for friends on Friday night. It was so good that it left me wanting more, but all good things must come to an end I guess. Friend who had falling out with Bub didn't have really any comments on the house which is fine--there's something left there from the faling out I think; he was commenting more on the cool neighborhood. They did get us a gift--meaning his wife--which was sweet--and brought back tea from their trip to Indonesia which is where his wife is from.

Saturday was a big furniture shopping day. I am so fed up with the pushy salesmen and no, I don't have any questions and if I do, I wil ASK! They were so annoying. We found a bedroom set we like but we knew we weren't going to buy it that day. Too bad the salesguy didn't get that impression. After we told him we'll think about it, he snuck into an employee only area room with a frown on his face.

Saturday night we had a delish dinner with college friends and it was a better time than expected. My friend and I have no problem hanging out, but her husband is on the quiet side and a good eleven years younger than Bub so I was worried that the conversation would fall to me and my friend to keep up. Instead we all seemed to get along well and enjoy ourselves and after we paid the check we were not anxious to all jump up and leave.

Sunday was a snowy day, but we managed a trip to see Bub's grandfather who has newly been admitted into nursing care. It was sad; those places usually are, but I hoped our visit brightened his day. He seemed to want us to stay longer, but we didn't and continued with furniture shopping and we were successful! No bedset yet, but 2 lovely luscious chocolate leather swivel chairs entered our lives and will be ready for set up as early as next week, just in time for our housewarming!

When we got home I had this desire to make mashed potatoes, but with our new peeler I managed to try and peel my finger which felt oh so painful and would not stop bleeding. It's on a part of the index finger crucial for typing on the ol' keyboard, so I know that I've managed to make more typing errors than usual!

What did you guys do this weekend? And do you ever have awkward time when on double-dates and whatnot when one person from each couple is bound by friendship or whatever and the other two are sort of strangers left with little to talk about? Bub always makes a good effort. He's just that kind of guy.

25 January 2008

Work, eh, and IT'S FRIDAY

My boss asked me if she was being a bitch yesterday as she ran her mouth about a project I'm "managing" whereby I oversee work done by an intern. Yet after the work was completed by said intern? The Boss told me the work I should do as a result of her findings. I know clearly what my job is, lady; I've been here for over 2 1/2 years. K? Thanks.

And no, I didn't confirm her bitchiness.

We have a client meeting this afternoon. And I was torn. I scheduled it because I was encouraged to do meetings on my own; to take initiative. So when I offered for The Boss to come just as a nice gesture to include her since she knows the client? She agreed.


Sometimes I feel like she can't let go or thinks I always frigging need her. Maybe it was my fault for inviting her in the first place. But the kicker? When we were preparing for today's meeting she said something to the extent because you want me there.

Again, $#@!?&!!

I had a dream that Bub drove me to the meeting and we were going to be late (why, I don't know) and I hadn't showered--and there was no time to. And before I go to bed each night, I barrette my bangs back; it's like a cleansing thing for me or something (go with me here) and all I could think of in the dream is how I'm going to have weird hair. Specifically weird bangs.

Anyway. Tonight we're having friends over to see our house. I'm slightly nervous because Bub had a falling out with one of his friends and it's a long story--but they're back on track, but the friend is in real estate and I'm just ready to hear You haven't painted yet? What have you been doing??

But we've been busy, and it's been a juggling act. Daily Editor is coming by next weekend. Hopefully she'll see why we like it there so much, paint, or no paint.

Enjoy your weekend lovely blog buds!

22 January 2008

Tuesday in Ten

1. I definitely pulled something on the right side of my back. It hurts.
2. We're trying to figure out what we can finish before our housewarming in a few weeks. We have plenty of painting to do. Not everything will be done before the gathering (obviously!), so hopefully people will put on their rose colored glasses to see how we envision our home to be after we win the lottery and get an appearance on This Old House.
3. I booked a facial and I'm so looking forward to it.
4. I need to go shopping. I have no shirts!
5. This weekend we're going to a favorite restaurant that I haven't been to since my bachelorette party.
6. I'm getting excited for my trip to London. I'll be there for my birthday. My sister may come with me. It will be mostly work, but if the weather is anything like it was last year, that's just fine by me. (No lost luggage this time, please!)
7. We're getting ready for a conference in Orlando in a few weeks. I'm arriving early in the day so that I can get some needed pool time in. I also get to see my friend who lives there which is a bonus because at most I see her 1-2 times a year.
8. We're painting the guest room a creamy yellow in our house, but we don't know what color to paint our bedroom. Ideas?
9. I'm excited for February.
10. Blog buds are invited to our housewarming (so there, La!) : )

Enjoy your Tuesday!

21 January 2008


It sucks. I hate working on a holiday everyone else has off! Boo!

The weekend? Was soooo nice. The shopping and tea drinking and relaxing and manicuring I said I'd do?

Didn't happen. I was exhausted from the night before and freezing from well, the winter, and I decided to cozy up on the sofa and let the warmth trickle in.

We left later on Friday than anticipated since Bub had a client meeting. But I was productive until I picked him up. We ate really yummy food, found a little something-something for our house, relaxed, read, sat by the fire and really connected. It was so nice!

Today has been a fairly productive day, fortunately, so I'm off to finish things up before I go. More later.

And I think we've figured out when our housewarming will be--finally!

17 January 2008

Weekend Eve

We finished our landlord duties at the condo last night and we cleared out the last of the tattered paint cans, cleaning supplies, and lamps. I felt sad for a little while en route to our old address for I missed the great eateries nearby, the energy of many people off on an errand, to meet friends, to get out.

Then we got welcomed by a bitchy girl who lives in the building, we were at the condo doing work until midnight, we got locked out of the building, and I managed a parking ticket.

Goodbye old home!

Tonight I'll be doing a bit of shopping. Starting with a warm cup of tea from Teavana and then I'll take my time meandering into stores I was so good to ignore this Christmas so as to keep on task and purchase for others. If there's time, I'll even get a manicure.

Then tomorrow I'll get up and pack for our weekend away, pick up Bub from his work meeting, and we'll drive a snowy drive to NH for a weekend away at a b&b.

Relaxation, here I come! See you Monday.

14 January 2008

Snow Day

I'm working from home today and hope that my productive weekend streak runs through the next eight or so hours.

This weekend we got tons done.

Friday was spent with best friends over dinner at a restaurant not far from home so that when we finished and I was tired, I didn't have to jump on the train or drive miles and miles back to the house.

Speaking of the house, Bub and I were extremely productive both on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we had a nice walk through town. We can actually walk to get errands done! It was nice to get out and see more of the new surroundings by foot. We also checked out our backyard. I hadn't really walked way down to the end of it and seen everything since it's so woodsy. No surprises there. It had grass, trees, and leaves!

We cleaned and did more unpacking. All of the old lady curtains have been demolished! Yeah! And more wallpaper steaming was completed, courtesy of Bub.

Saturday night we had dinner out after seeing some horrific furniture and then we tried to watch the Pats win, but promptly fell asleep and then woke up grumpy, uncomfortable (on the couch), and went to bed.

Bub lived at the condo yesterday while I made more progress here, with only one room left to unpack and some cleaning here and there we'll finally be ready to focus 100% on our furniture and decorating needs. Those boxes that are left will be the few stragglers meant for the basement or ones to be thrown out with this week's trash.

The new tenant for our condo moves in tomorrow and we officially hand over the keys tomorrow night. We'll be happy to not have to clean, paint or do anything in there unless something goes awry (knock on wood) for a while.

So to all you snow bunnies, have a great Monday. Here's to a productive and good week! And a short one at that; we're off to NH for a weekend away courtesy of a wedding gift from my sister. Let the countdown begin.

PS--We seem to have a ton of ladybugs living around this house. I just looked up to view the snow outside and saw another ladybug. And the other day? We found one in our bed. We changed the sheets, don't worry. We aren't fans of bed bugs.

11 January 2008

Making Progress

The good thing about watching a ton of home improvement shows is the fact that when you've seen enough sparkling new kitchens, bold paint jobs, and snazzy furniture, it makes someone who just moved into a 93-year old house with much to do feel like crap.

For two nights in a row I went off on Bub that there was so much to do and it'll be a month come Tuesday that we'll have lived in the new house without any painting or remodeling done whatsoever.

Then I realized how crazy I sounded and profusely apologized to Bub. Sorry!

Back to the television watching... So, last night after watching one of those "How Much Can I Sell My House For?" pieces, I got off my ass (shocking, I know) and for only a mere 1.5 hours I straightened up our dining room. Really? Only that long to finish unpacking the china, to finish sorting through the bazillion vases we have (we need not another vase until we're 60), and even getting some stuff together for good will. Hi, ugly plate with big tulip not from our wedding registry. You came out of no where. Be gone!

So our dining room has our old kitchen table in it, all Pledged clean, complete with chairs, and my fabulous new crystal bowl sporting the clementine-orange centerpiece look. It reminded me of The Break-Up when Jennifer Aniston when ape shit on Vince Vaughn when he wouldn't get her the appropriate number of lemons for her centerpiece.

Anyway, I also tore down in true demolition fashion the ugly ass old lady curtain donnning the cool slender 3-window set we have going on in that room. What's left are rickety shutters, but they give good character, so they shall remain for now.

I did manage to scratch the wood floor (damn!) when moving the table to the perfect position. We shall get into fixing that later when we get to rip up carpeting! (I know, the fun that we have in store!) I'm just so proud of my progress that I think I can make great strides to finish unpacking the rest of the 3 rooms that still have boxes in them this weekend. Then there'll be a cleaning party, complete with gloves and me frowning. Because hi, we have close to white kitchen floors which get dirty in two seconds and those pine needles from the Christmas tree? Still there.

Hey, it was hard enough to get off my ass, did you think I was going to go and get all crazy with a vacuum too?

Happy Weekend!

09 January 2008

Can't Shake It

My sore throat and cough from last week left me this past weekend only to return, and worse, yesterday. Yes, on the lovely 60 degree day I had the chills and body aches feeling one associates with the flu. I was in bed by 9 and woke up at 3am wondering if it was time to get up. I felt hot then cold. I hoped for not having a fever.

So do any of you get flu shots? I don't, whereas some of my friends live by them. I usually just tough these situations out. But I don't find that I often get sick. Today I feel somewhat better save that sore throat.

In other news: our house is a mess. We have a pine needle trail from the Christmas tree and random stuff strewn here and there. We don't quite feel settled or cozied in our new place yet. My list is set and I know what we need to do, but I've been sick and it's hard to be productive and motivated after working all day. (I know, excuses, excuses.) The TV is so much more inviting, especially when you make chocolate chip cookies from scratch to go along with it.

Did I mention that I'm obsessed with the Food Network? We didn't have that station when we were at our condo (gasp!) and I'm beginning to think I missed out on so much. I was drooling at the tuna salad that Bobby Flay whipped up in his manly kitchen the other day.

I don't even like tuna fish.

Happy Hump Day!

06 January 2008

Cue Relief

We finally found a tenant for our condo.

I was surprisingly not stressed out about it after we found a mortgage company who didn't need a signed lease for us to move forward on the house. But come February, which is very much around the corner, both mortgages will hit us and it was as if we were standing on a dirt road with hardly any traffic just waiting for that big-ass lost bus to come screaming around the corner and run us over and take with it our money and our happiness.

For some reason I was relying on others' support of positive thinking and good vibes to find a tenant. Craigslist was not doing it for us. After several postings we got creative. Or Bub got more creative. In one instance we go into a boutique I love and as I start scouring for a deal I hear him say to the salesgirl Can we post a flier here about our vacant apartment for rent? The girl giggled and belted out a long uncomfortable ummmmmm. I pretended to not know Bub as I was embarrassed that he pushed further. What if I gave you the flier and after leaving you with it can do as you wish--even throw it out? Another uncomfortable response and then I hear the kiss-up dialogue. My wife loves shopping here; it's one of her favorite stores. So what do you say? I didn't get to hear what she did say so I asked Bub for myself when he was done kissing up. It turns out that when I asked him the salesgirl was within earshot. Bub replied that if I buy something she'll post the flier. The salesgirl quickly said no! But luckily she didn't seem too annoyed.

So we dropped off fliers wherever possible. We had lots of inquiries and more showings, but it was my random idea to contact a girl that I found by searching Craigslist, and not simply by just posting there, looking to live in a town one over from where our condo is and within close proximity to the shopping area where the above salesgirl incident occurred. In less than twenty-four hours she had her posse check out the place as she's relocating from the west coast. We were nervous with the painted cranberry living room and sage bedroom. The kitchen cabinets could be higher quality, but we were proud of our new refrigerator, Corian counters, faucet, disposal, and freshly painted walls.

Bub met the posse and reported back that they really liked it. I took it as a good sign, but Bub was more reserved. What if the actual person who will rent it doesn't like it? She wasn't there to see it and the friends were off to see other places which may have been better options...

A call within a couple of hours of the viewing confirmed that she did like it. Perfect is what she said. We wonder if she has a life outside of her computer as every email sent was replied to within seconds. And if we didn't write back immediately? Another email with different questions and comments was sent. A quick one. We were cool with it. Especially when it comes to the deposit. Just saying.

So that would be our good weekend news. That and we had ourselves a mini shopping spree at Bed Bath & Beyond. It was time we had a quality shopping time at a place other than Home Depot. Some of our loot:

Fun shower head? Check.
New non-rusted shower rod? Check.
Furniture storage cabinet for various bathroom items? Check.
Shower caddy? Check.
Cute wicker baskets for toilet paper (I know), gloves, hats, and scarves? Check.
Office waste paper basket? Check.
Ice trays (yes, we've been without them for almost a month!)? Check.

I feel like I'm forgeting something. Check.

04 January 2008

and so here we are

So far this year I've been slightly tardy to work. But I have my reasons, I do. I'm sick : ( It started as a scratchy throat and got worse. This morning I almost called in, but was glad I didn't. Not because I want to work, no, but since next week is a flurry of doctor's appointments (January is my month to do annual check-ups, starting with the eye doctor). And since most of my doctors are near my old home, that means leaving work early which means today is a good time to get some crap done.

Staying at home would also remind me of the two baskets of clothes I should fold, dirty dishes we were so tired to take care of before bed after a later dinner, and the looming list of things we're trying to tackle in the next couple of weeks. We still feel unsettled, not in that we are unhappy and feel out place, but that we can't feel totally unpacked until we get some painting done, but before that comes the demise of the wallpaper which we are in the middle of steaming off.

If it were up to me I'd pay someone to lather the walls with lovely paint among other things, but Bub wants to take care of it just us. That is fine and saves us money, but we're landlords now and having those responsibilities of sprucing up our condo for rental distract us from what we want to accomplish in the new home. I've kept from feeling too overwhelmed by reminding myself and Bub that we have plenty of time to take care of the house, but that we need to finish up tasks at the condo quickly to be done with it.

If only I weren't feeling so blah and ick and sicky that I could make a list and get done those things I need to this weekend: condo, house, and the rest of life. At least a haircut is waiting for me tomorrow afternoon. I love myself some grooming.

Happy Fri.