26 September 2006

quick and tired

I got new glasses. I haven't shopped for new ones in a long while and thought it might be nice to see--to really see--with them.
I got bangs. They're on the longer side, and I've been enjoying styling them instead of combing my hair back into the everyday pony; now I actually take time to dry my hair. It's getting kind of long!
I had my review. I had no expectations but will be receiving a raise. Not sure how much, but it's happening apparently. Oh and when you're more reserved about rating yourself highly, it's nice when your boss does that for you.
I'm gearing up for Frankfurt. I almost wish I could skip out and hit Oktoberfest, but no such luck. It's not that I don't like book fairs. But they remind me that I'm slightly off from where I want to be in my career. It helps me realize where I do want to be (I thinK!). I'm trying to look forward to the bustle of everything. It's publishing at its largest. It's completely international that it makes you forget that uh, there are other countries that publish books!
Finally, before I completely pass out because I am tired and yes, it is only 9:33pm here, we're still thinking about that house. In fact, one of my coworkers actually asked if we bought it b/c it had been a while since I had talked to her and about the house specifically. So the answer to that question is no. No, we haven't bought it, but dear husband and I both agree that if someone did buy it that we would be pretty upset. So it must be revisited. Just not tonight on this fall Tuesday.
I'm ready for Halloween. Too bad we have only one potential trick or treater.

21 September 2006


The Who's Tommy is the first live performance I saw. It started with a solo trumpet, followed by several tubas. Then the entire field started moving.

In a few short weeks I'll be returning to my alma mater to realize how I came to love fall.

Camp is over, practice starts at 4:40. 6:10 and we are called to the podium.

Eyes with pride.

It's so hard to describe. I watched the innaugural video tonight. I was more moved by the 1997 version of Tommy--the first show I saw where the band performed.

I saw my friend, one year older, past color guard captain, a role I had taken on, in that sea of red, now white.

Sure, you can listen and see the band here. But you can't feel it the way I do.

We performed it my graduating year. It's never the same. You're always being compared to the older class.

My old roommate is now 'back in my life' whatever that means. Right now I don't know what to think. I just know that my memories are kept alive by the music.

I can't wait to see it in the flesh on October 21st.

I can't even comment on the percussion either.

Inaugural Parade
Yes, I'm one of the blurry girls!

But not the year I did it. This is the version I was referring to. 1997 edition.

1994 version, not that I can tell the difference because they sound this way today.

12 September 2006

quick II

I've just finished putting on my 'jammas. I had the pants on, now I wear the "outdoor divas" shirt that doubles as a sleep shirt. It's hot in our home and it smells like garlic from the homemade pasta sauce bub prepared.

He's watching a western in the other room even though he said he'd turn off the tv after House. I made brownies last night--and even added the called for pecans to the mix. They turned out wonderful but I like them when they're not quite finished baking. These turned out to be baked as the recipe called for.

I'm so tired and haven't been to sleep before 11 any night yet. I know this is early for some--and used to be for me--and then I learned that if you're not kind to yourself about your bedtime, the day which follows can bite you in the ass.

We met with an accountant--not my sister--to discuss the pros and cons of saving our condo and consuming the monthly rent that would come or sell it to use the profit to pay for our new house. We're feeling more knowledgable about the options, but not yet final with our decision.

There are things about our 1-bed that I like. I love hardwood floors--the shine, the laquer, the cleanliness. We have carpet. Newer, soft, fluffy. I grew up with both in my house and learned to appreciate the way carpet feels on barefeet and socked feet. I still like it better than wood floors.

We're on the top--fifth--floor and nothing compares to coming home to see the vivid wine walls against deep plush blue sofas. It screams comfort and cozy.

We have our little leak, our annoying faucet, our scabby shower paint that is starting to curl in one pesky spot, but it's home. It's where we live.

01 September 2006


it's friday, thank goodness!
we are off to the cape for a wedding. our first nuptials ceremony as hubby and wifey.
tonight we are watching our wedding video for the first time (if it arrives at work...i'm hoping so).
we are going to bloomy's to see if we can purchase some stuff off our registry: namely a pots and pans set (we got a new wok!) and luggage (we said bye-bye to bub's beat-up, old green bag after our HM).
i'm getting my nails done tonight and if i don't find something to wear to the 2pm wedding tomorrow afternoon my choices are a salty swimsuit or nothing at all.