07 August 2007

100 Things About Moi

I tried to do one of these a long time ago, but never made it to 100. Here goes nothin'.

1. I had no middle name up until 1 year and 14 days ago.
2. My middle name is my maiden name.
3. Bub is a nickname I gave to my husband after calling him that one day. It stuck but it is a recent nickname as we've been together for a little over 6 six years.
4. My husband started calling me Bub, too. So we're both Bubs.
5. I've been at my current job for almost 2 1/2 years.
6. I think I'm ready for a change, but my next move has to be strategic.
7. As Daily Editor will tell you, Boston is a tough place to do what we want to do.
8. I used to work wtih Daily Editor. She's a cool lady.
9. No one at work (knock on wood) knows about my blog. I'd like to keep it that way since I like to complain about the place.
10. My family and in-laws don't know anything about the blog either.
11. When I'm pissed I slam the door and use profanities.
12. Bub hates it.
13. I'm afraid of death.
14. I'm afraid of sleeping at home alone. I get creeped out that someone is trying to break in or is in the house.
15. I get coffee envy. If someone has coffee in the morning at work and I don't, I get slightly annoyed that I didn't stop on the way to work.
16. We have an espresso/cappuccino-maker at home. I don't need to buy any damn coffee.
17. I'm a car commuter while Bub is a train/bus commuter.
18. I check my email just about 1,213,754 times a day. I'm a little obsessed.
19. I check my junk mail first in case anything slips in there. Heh.
20. I'm ten years younger than Bub.
21. We have two turtles: red-eared sliders, Stella and Fred (or George--he has two names).
22. Stella is bigger than George, but younger.
23. They fight.
24. I'm an adventurous eater. I love European breakfasts with the cured meats and cheese.
25. Bub tells me that's adventurous. Maybe that's just a nice way of telling me I like to eat : )
26. My mom tells me I have the twin gene. My grandmother had a twin.
27. I want to move to a bigger home before we start trying to get pregnant.
28. I want to paint the nursery and get it ready while I have a belly.
29. We only have one bedroom now which could make having a baby hard.
30. I applied to law school and got rejected.
31. Three times.
32. I'm okay with that.
33. I want to go back to school for my MFA, but can't justify spending money on classes where I only write.
34. I secretly think I'm not good enough.
35. I want to open a bakery, but I'm not sure if I like it as just a hobby.
36. I'm an aggressive driver.
37. Bub hates it, yet he's one, too (sorry!)
38. Bub is one of my only loyal readers. He never comments, though.
39. I'm a great speller.
40. I marched in Bush's first inaugural parade--the present Bush.
41. I don't care much for him, but the televised parade was pretty damn cool.
42. I was in the marching band in college and in high school.
43. I didn't play an instrument; I was in the color guard.
44. I was a stressed bride.
45. I got the worst sun burn the month I got married and the lines didn't go away.
46. I wore a strapless dress.
47. My makeup person was awesome. Nothing showed.
48. I've been to Europe 6 times.
49. Most of those times I was in Germany for work.
50. We've talked about moving to London.
51. I don't think we will.
52. I want a doggy and a kitty.
53. This list thing is really hard. I'm a procrastinator.
54. Shhh, don't tell work.
55. There are a bunch of things I could be doing now.
56. I love spas and especially love getting a manicure or a facial.
57. My first manicure was when I went to prom.
58. I asked my prom date to go with me and not the other way around.
59. My best friend from college and former roommate doesn't talk to me anymore.
60. I'm not the only one, but I feel that the friends I used to be close to changed.
61. It hurts and it's hard to meet new people aside from those you first meet at a new job.
62. I've had thoughts of ending this blog.
63. But I have a pretty good track record. It'll be 2 later this year.
64. My following is invisible, if that.
65. I think I need to give my writing a pep talk.
66. I like beer. But only the good stuff.
67. I like red wine better than white.
68. Most mixed drinks can go to hell save sangria and espresso martinis.
69. I like blogs that make me laugh. Thanks guys.
70. I'm stunned I made it this far on the list. I have had dreams about being killed.
71. They're not frequent and haven't happened in a while.
72. I like well-worded emails better than when someone calls me on the phone at work.
73. I wear contacts.
74. My first pair of glasses was purchased in the second grade.
75. I sat next to my crush "Chris" at school and told him I was getting glasses.
76. He said he would break them. I was in love. But he smelled.
77. I love chocolate.
78. I'm allergic to penicillin.
79. I broke my wrist in the first grade after I wore my brand new patent leather shoes for our Christmas concert.
80. I got a snoopy sling and had to write with the opposite hand for weeks.
81. I'm a lefty.
82. The first time I was on a plane was my senior year of high school.
83. I went on a cruise with my best friend and her dad.
84. It was, like, so awesome!
85. She's still my best friend.
86. We can't eat chicken for dinner unless we're at a restaurant.
87. Bub is allergic so we don't have it at dinner. I'll have turkey sandwiches at lunch, though.
88. My list is almost done. I love lip gloss.
89. But recently switched over to lipstick.
90. I'm still adjusting.
91. I love Sephora.
92. I used to be a gym rat and now I barely make it there twice a week.
93. I lost a lot of weight from school (or so I'm told) but think I can do at least one size smaller.
94. I used to be really thin when I was younger and my pediatrician threatened me with a trip to the hospital if I didn't start eating more.
95. I used to play the violin and took private lessons; I own my own and haven't picked it up in years.
96. I was an English major.
97. My boss makes me feel dumb. Most of the time.
98. I love to bake, especially when there aren't any sweets around.
99. We went to the Cape every summer growing up--maybe that's why that whole first time on a plane thing didn't happen right away.
100. I took ballet (then pointe, jazz, and tap) lessons for 13 years with the same teacher.

That's my list! Here's another couple of Maine photos, too.

First: One of the lighthouses we saw while we were away.

Second: The view from FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt's 10,000 square foot cottage...


kris said...

i don't know what the color guard is. :(

and i like red better than white too. :)

daily editor said...

Awesome pics. I love your list. I learned some new things about you!

Molly said...

I totally hear you on 60 and 61. And I always check my junk mail first, too. :)

kwarterlifecrisis said...

Ok let's see... 35 and 36 very much apply to me too. Let's open a bakery together and then drive crazily to and from working there. :)

As for number 34 - Puh-leez. You totally are!

sassafras said...

This was great, I got to learn some new things about Ripe!

I didn't know Bub reads your blog either!

DG said...

So this was a perfect day to start reading your blog cause now I feel like I know so much about you!