06 November 2007

I can't believe that we're rapidly approaching Thanksgiving and next will be Christmas. It just seems that this year went by so fast. I say that every year, I'm sure, but yet, the feeling of time slipping by amazes me time and again.

We'll be moving in a little over 5 weeks. That means it's six or so weeks until Christmas! I haven't even had time yet to let Halloween soak in.

Finding this house and moving into it has been a big item on my to-do list. On our to-do list. And to think that only three and a half years ago we were painting and moving into our condo now. Now we will be landlords and homeowners. A scary thing, I think.

But it's helped me to feel more at ease, buying this house. Because this was one of the items on my to-do list. The one I mentally created and then put to paper many times when deciding the path that will lead me to motherhood.

What's stopping me now? My fears? The unknown? People were really right when they said they'll never really be a good time. I'm trying so desperately to have it all figured out. When, in reality, figuring out the unknown with Bub is not such a scary thing.

Does this mean I've made a decision? Ummmm, no.

Am I closer? You bet.


sassafras said...

I think that once you get settled into the new house you'll be even closer. That is my gut feeling.

Michelle said...

what an exciting time in your life!

the fanny said...

Congrats on the new house! That's very exciting!

Thanks for stopping by :)