28 November 2005

Welcome to Me:

I love the heated seats in my car.
I feel better when surrounded by lots of colors.
I miss college.
Anything having to do with a noodle rocks.
I want to learn more about wine.
I feel connected with writing, especially The Time Traveler's Wife. I want someone to search for me when I'm 82.
I'm having a quarter-century dilemma: kids sooner rather than later or law school? Someone decide for me, please.
I love all animals, especially gray cats with large eyes, dogs that smile, and turtles that sun bathe.
I can smell Christmas by walking outside at night.
Baking cookies makes the world seem better.
I believe that the Earth is putting a blanket on when daylight savings time ends and winter approaches. And when the Earth yawns, the blanket comes off, revealing new life and peace.
I was on top of the world when my fiance popped the question.
I used to know how to write and somehow, it got lost along the way.
I had two friends whom I loved and they moved away. But we weren't friends before they moved.
I procrastinate because it feels so good.
I am afraid of death.
I think when a candle is lit and left in the other room, flickering, that it is one of life's treasures.
Garlic is a gift and onions, too.
My fiance and I call each other Bub.
I miss my Nana.
I'm still procrastinating.

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