13 October 2006

friday notes

First: YIPPEEE! It's Friday! : )

Second: I have some things to share with everyone.

First, I'm on the hunt for a GREAT book. Dear friend Daily Editor let me borrow a book of short stories which has been a smashing hit. However, the time has come to now read something else as I am almost done with the book she let me borrow oh, a million years ago. I've been reading about new releases and scanning Amazon reviews for something good. I don't like to trust Amazon which is why I am asking for you to please help me find a new book. In fact, I have a date at the bookstore come lunchtime to choose something to indulge in this weekend.

I have not exercised since I've been back from the book fair. I'm feeling soft and squishy and I'm in a procrastination funk. Today is my half-birthday. You'd think I'd get my ass in gear on a momentous day like this one. But you see, it's ever so difficult to want to exercise, let alone do so on a Friday after work. I set my alarm to get up early this morning however I just HAD to stay up last night and watch that show 6 degrees. I missed last week's episode and Bub didn't even watch it for me (no surprise) so I don't know who the young new chick is kissing the photographer dude. Other than that, I don't think I missed much. If I did, please let me know. Also, why is it on at 10? I am getting old and bedtime at 11 is just not working out.

And finally this is the last bit to share since I really ought to be working (shhh)...I f-ed up the colors on my blog. The new lovely colors I chose show up on the "preview" bit, but I saved them and republished my blog and index a bajillion times and now I have drunk colors that aren't so pretty. Please help if you can.


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Sub Girl said...

have you read "history of love" by nicole krauss? it's wonderful. happy half-bday!