29 October 2006


I just baked glazed breakfast buns. They are cooling and I can't wait to see how they come out. They even look "pretty" too!

I haven't been out of our condo since yesterday morning. I went to my first included personal trainer session yesterday after almost missing it due to the lack of an alarm being set. I am paying for the hard work of yesterday's session: I am sore all over...

We are going to hopefully check out some open houses today. In case I didn't mention in an earlier post our house we were so excited about was sold. And sold well below the asking price as Bub just informed me today. As my friend from work said: It's a heartbreaker and you'll have plenty of those. She also said the nifty "It wasn't meant to be." And I agree. I just have to convince Bub there's something else better for us out there and of course, we need to find it!

Oh yeah, I'm so over my job. I have a love-hate thing going on and it's more hate than anything. I feel like a lost puppy and when someone calls my name I don't know which way to go--do something new? Find a job with what's open right now? Get prepared for school of some sort? Someone please advise.

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