11 October 2007

and i am here

as in germany, the land of the precise and the land of perfect and clean and methodical

and the keyboard screws me up so dont expect punctuation or good spelling



my sleep comes in dribs and drabs and the u know who is challenging

yes, that is a good way to put it

i thought being peer pressured into drinking was something we did in high school

there is so much this event makes me think about...what i know...what i want to learn...how what i am doing is so relevent to the industry, yet it is short something

something i will find out

not necessarily with a class, degree, baby, or new job

somewhere in between the lines it will appear

my epiphany

for now there are the contacts i have learned and become friends with who hug and kiss me and i must remember the one, the challenging one, who acquainted me with all of this.

and for that i will be grateful and grin and bear it and get up early tomorrow to do it again

god, i miss my husband

how do long distance peeps do it?

ok, me sleepy time now


1 comment:

sassafras said...

I don't know how people in long distance relationships do it either.

Have fun and try to forget about that one that is difficult!