19 October 2007

Friday in Four

1. We are putting an offer in on a house today; wish us luck! This could be it!

2. Yesterday was my *Friday* as I am off today.

3. I am preparing to return to the place where I laughed so hard it hurt, made so many special friends, learned to love a new part of the state, and read and wrote to my heart's content and more. It's Homecoming, and autumn is most beautiful here...

4. The Red Sox will keep it alive for another game tomorrow. Here's to another win!

Have a great weekend!


blogging said...

have a fabulous weekend, it sounds like it's gonna be great!


xo, bb

brookem said...

have a great weekend! that's a fabo picture...so gorgeous!

sassafras said...

OMG - good luck with the house! I don't want to jinx you or anything but SO EXCITING!

Have a great weekend! Looks like you're going to have a good one =)

These Little said...

How did it turn out??