21 December 2005

A few things:

First, we always have 1,000,001 things to do the night before we go away. No matter where it is that we're going, we can never be prepared prior to the day before. It gets frustrating, but with some healthy beverages and even a trip to the gym, I think it'll all get done in due time. Too bad there are so many cards to finish making, bub's shopping to complete (if he asks me what to get my sister one more time, I'm going to buy something for him to give her), and my most lovely car to clean for our road outing!

Second, the buzz about Johnny Jesus wearing pinstripes is overrated. The Yankees were losers ever since Ortiz sweeped their cheeks.

Third, Santa Clause is coming, in case you weren't aware.

And finally, an update on the law school drama that is half consuming my life (b/c the other half is reading Martha Stewart wedding mags):

SU Law--application is in
NEU Law--application is in
NESL--spoke to my admissions contact and he was SO helpful (even more helpful than the SU Law's meeting w/ the Dean of Admissions) and he advised me to wait until I get score #2 before I send in my stuff so he can "direct me in the best way"--what a nice Christmas gift. If only he could just put me on the acceptance list...sigh....

But that still doesn't help me figure out my quarter life crisis. For those of you who don't know what it is, perhaps I'll leave it at that for now until I have either acceptance or rejection letters in hand.

And for now, a little something to chew on by none other than yours truly:

cars stumble by with exhausted engines much like the tiring minds that we drag around after the sun has set yet
somehow memories are the grease that fuel effortless thoughts of the foreign encounters that cause the world to blur, spin, and dream
cold days yield warm moments filled with mostly artificial wishes for the holidays
but only yours can be truly fuzzy if you steer destiny back on course and realize that not everything is about you...

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