18 December 2005

I hadn't seen my grandmother in at least a couple of years. Not a good time to get into the details on that, but I did see her today.

It got me thinking about family and how I'm about to become--officially--part of bub's. His sister will be my sister. His parents will become...my parents? His grandfather...mine?

I mean, there's definitely substance behind family members that you've grown up with, the ones who share the same blood type as you. The ones who have seen EVERYTHING about you, like when you're waiting in the lobby of Hillside Elementary School with a broken wrist, or you're practicing using crutches to get around your very first apartment in the Boulders. Stuff like that. Stuff you could never really reminisce about with new family.

But the thing about new family is that there's plenty of time to get them all caught up on what you're really about.

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