15 January 2006

As the stout woman ran from stemware at the Vera Wang display over to her desk, she said, "Go with your gut." But it isn't like it sounds. I mean, who has trouble selecting anything Vera Wang? It was what she said afterwards that made me think: "You're going to have this for the rest of your life." This didn't alarm me, cause me to break into sweat, or make me the least bit nervous; it was the future that I was more focused on. I mean, when my kids and their kids and heaven knows, their kids, come over for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just to see grandma--or great-grandma--these could be the very glasses--the very plates--that they eat off of. Now mind you, I won't be quick to let any small fingers scoop up the fine dishes and crystal that we select for our registry, but it's the whole idea that these plates and other such staples of the home will be around for years to come. Or at least I like to think that they will be. I mean, I have my Nana's dishes--all the china, even the silver--the entire package--right in my cabinet! Of course, I get bub's questioning, "Why do we need to register for china if we already have a bunch of stuff we hardly use?" And it's the simple, because some day, some young couple like us will store our plates away for some special occasion, and when they're ready to dust off the memories, they will be ready to reminisce.

And on that note: Tom Brady, you poor thing! Even winners lose!

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