18 January 2006


So I've never titled one of my pathetic crap posts before, so I figure, hell, why not be unoriginal and title this babble today?

I have a lot to write about now, but whenever I see the limiting borders of the this site, I sort of freak out and clam up--similar to the presentations that I give at work. But that's another sob story.

And yes, I'm at work now.

I've recently realized that my job isn't creative ENOUGH. I mean, it is a little bit, and it's more legal than anything (let's not talk about the law career aspirations now), but I think that this is what's missing from my life. So I may just go home and knit a scarf, but that won't satsify the desire to really work hard and be CREATIVE. It's sort of bizarre b/c it all circles back to what's going to happen this fall when I'm not enrolled to attend school and I'll no longer be the person I've been for the last 26 years--yikes!

Where is this GOING? Ugh. I have to get back to work so I'll just have to fix this later.

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