14 April 2006

So far...

So far 26 is off to a regular start. Same start as 25 did and maybe even 24. My old license officially expired so now my paper one reminds me of just having received my permit or first official license. I get 2 new licenses this year: the new one since the old expired and the new married status one--I'll have to have a new picture taken because I might look different as a Mrs. Whoa.

So tonight it's bowling. A group of friends, my sister, and of course my bub are off to eat pizza and bowl our little hearts out. My friend said "Oh, how cute--pizza and bowling, it's like a little kid's party." This is true, but the beer shall make it an adult time.

I'm glad that I have these little parties in honor of my birthday. It's not a chance to squeeze people for gifts--that doesn't matter! It's a chance to see these people, especially those I don't see often enough, and appreciate how blessed I am, how blessed I feel.

But we should all feel blessed because it's Friday!

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