23 April 2006


I swear the weekend days go by faster than work days b/c hours have less minutes on a Saturday and Sunday.

I started off the weekend with a trim of the hair and learned that my new fabulous haircutter (stylist, hairdresser, etc.) can and will travel to wherever we get ready for the big day when I say "I do." This followed by a fabulous dinner with friends and an extremely productive meeting with the florist (I now know what flowers I am carrying!) brought me up through Saturday afternoon (a.k.a. 1/2 the weekend flying by!) Last night was more low-key and today we managed a few other wedding details...and we now have a ring bearer, so a sigh of relief not having to go back and forth on this decision any further...

We're also slowly addicted to attending open houses again. We managed to squeeze in two today, which is more than what we have been doing as of late...and it's not the recent break in's that's made us scurry for a new pad...but it's the making house, the decorating, the space, the future (read: children...) that has us spinning our wheels looking for a yard, good schools, a porch, walk-in closets, easy commuting and so forth. We are living in a dream world since we're only looking in pricey locations, but we refuse to settle to settle. And our little home now isn't shameful. But I feel like we're growing--growing our lives more closely together in a marriage and in our future as husband and wife. And call me materialistic if we're thinking a nice bathroom and tidy kitchen will make us happier--we know it won't. But it's the excitement of "home sweet home" it's beyond moving in together. It's our married residence, it's our house to raise a family (not right away)...and it's yet another thing that we have to look forward to. Me and Bub. I am so excited!

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