12 May 2006

Fun for Friday

Thanks to Daily Editor for starting the listing of things.

Here's why I like Fridays:

1. Because if you stroll in a few minutes late to work, no one thinks twice.
2. Because it's the last day of the work week you have to set your alarm.
3. Because everyone wears jeans and is in good spirits.
4. Because everyone laughs a little easier and does a little less work.
5. Because at 5:00pm, it's not happy hour, it's happy weekend.

Here's why I like the rain:

1. It makes staying in bed a little longer more enticing.
2. It's the best time to watch films.
3. It's a great time for baking brownies.
4. It's a good reason to be lazy indoors.
5. It doesn't cause sunburns.

And if you think you know me, you may not:

1. I don't have a middle name.
2. I drink my coffee black or with skim milk only.
3. I hate tuna fish.
4. I love seafood.
5. I was a band geek for 8 years, complete with band camp.
6. I want to open a bakery.
7. I got rejected from all three law schools I applied to.
8. I'm getting married in 10 weeks.
9. I know alot of French terms.
10. I'm going to lose a syllable when I change my last name.
11. I feel like since I've graduate college, my writing is weaker and my mind is mushier.
12. I like to procrastinate.

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