11 May 2006

Am I the only person in the world who doesn't have a routine?

I'm not talking about a work routine--yes, I do get up every morning, shower, get to work, leave, eat dinner, etc. But I mean, I don't have a groove. My gym habit is askew. My errand running doesn't run like clockwork.

The weekends are a complete mess. I love to sleep in, yet I feel better getting up early and getting things done.

I went on and on in another post about the mediums of my life, yet I can't find a happy medium when it comes to my routine, my groove, my life. It's frustrating and I end up carrying around quite a bit of guilt.

For example, last weekend I had adventurous plans to clean the bathroom and kitchen all the while organizing the fun shower gifts given to me just the week before.

Boxes and bows remain; it looks like we're getting ready to move out!

I make lists and lists and lists. I cross a very few things off and then I make a fresh list and I feel like the same old things get written down. It sucks. I hate it. I need a routine class. Someone needs to organize my life--not my underwear drawer or my desktop, but I need someone to take a look at the daily/weekly/monthly things I have to do and tell me what the best plan is.

That's it, I need a plan!

And I feel like I'm getting alot done lately on the wedding front. But with it comes the guilt of not doing things like having fresh laundry so that I don't have to wear a bathing suit bottom to work the next day. Yes, I still do that occasionally, but shhh, don't tell anyone! : )

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