16 May 2006

Ring True

The end of my day yesterday was not how I had planned.

I hadn't planned on receiving an e-mail, the second one within 24 hours from my ex-college roommate (and ex-best friend) who hasn't tried to contact me in four years.

I hadn't planned on staying at work until 6:30, well because, I had done so on Friday and I thought staying until 6:00 was long enough. But when a top publisher calls you wanting to do business, you stay. You listen, you hear them out.

Then there was the grocery store to pick up avocadoes and milk. Avocadoes to go with our Mexican theme last night and milk, well, because we needed it! But I had picked the worst line to get into. The man ahead of me apologized profusely as his cashier stood there looking bored and a bit nervous; his manager walked s l o w l y back to the register. Apparently the guy had a coupon and it wasn't rung in right. Go figure. It's now 7:45, and I'm home. But it isn't until I'm 1/2 done blabbing about my day's trials and tribulations when bub says the mail's on the turtle tank.

I'm like what? And I see the box.

Our wedding rings. The very piece of jewelry that we'll wear until death do us part. I couldn't finish my story. I've been waiting to try mine on for so long since we were at the jeweler. It took us a while to figure out what to have bub's engraved with. Since mine is an eternity band, I can't engrave anything on it, but that's just fine with me. I don't need my ring to say anything I don't already know.

So we put them on and marveled at what it "looks like" to be wed. I checked out the engraving on his and I tried mine on with and without my engagement ring.

Perfect. Just like my guy.

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