16 July 2006


bub is in the other room cooling off after we got caught in the heat.

the computer is sort of loud but i'm appreciating the cool a/c that we are so spoiled to have on all the time.

i just confirmed with the last of our ceremony musicians. she wished me good luck this week and i giggled.

i'm feeling bummed that i missed a friend's birthday party last night due to a final fitting which wasn't final. the bustle wasn't finished and we have to go back for another fitting before picking up the dress. i'm such a perfectionist. sorry i missed it daily editor!

i have chips and salsa crumbs on my tongue and i'm exhausted. i laid out in the sun today to get some natural color to blend in with my old burn/tan lines. this will be the death of me if i don't find a way to magically whip up my skin.

i cannot even believe that my wedding is this week.

i've never worked so hard on martha stewart type projects, researched so many vendors, ideas and juggled a zillion details all for one of the most special days a couple can have. i've worked hard on things like a college degree and interviewing for a new job but this is a different preparation a different milestone.

this is me giving my complete self to someone who was once a stranger, an acquaintance, a friend and boyfriend, and now a partner for life, my love.

i'm not going to sleep all week, i just know it!

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