22 July 2006

I wanted to write last night, but the adrenaline ran out and I was left exhausted, but elated.

The rehearsal made today seem all the more real. It went smoothly and I felt great. Not only were loved ones starting to pop up in the area, here they were in the church I went to growing up, waiting for further instruction on how to process in, where to sit, stand and so forth.

It's been a busy 11 months. And an even busier past few days. The computer and refrigerator hums make it all the more ordinary--just another Saturday. My dad joked with me last night: "Big plans tomorrow?" I replied with "Not really; maybe I'll catch a movie."

To some this is any other day, but for me this is the first taste of married life, this is me giving my complete self before loving witnesses to my soul mate. And although I'm not too sure about the term 'soul mate' it's because Hallmark likes to make money off it.

Seriously though, I can't imagine not being with bub. Not because he's been in my life for five years and a day. It's because we've worked hard on our relationship, on our laughter and tears, on our smiles and bad days, and on our love for one another.

It is work; whoever said that relationships are, is right. But I believe that's because we are always changing--day to day, month to month, year to year. And although that's all fine and well, when your love withstands these changes, you know you've found something really special, someone really special to give your heart to.

My advice to the cyberworld readers, if there are any is simple: never let go of the fuzzies you feel when you meet someone; the feeling can and has the potential to last an eternity.


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daily editor said...

Today is the big day! Can't wait to see you later. It's going to be an awesome evening!