02 February 2007

At last

It's Friday.

And I'm feeling good despite a tiny headache from all the sangria last night.

After spending time with a friend I see far too little, I woke up this morning tired and slightly cranky and pissed that the shampoo I bought yesterday was actually conditioner, and that I literally had to brainstorm where random travel-sized shampoo bottles would be in the decreasingly hot shower so that I could wash my hair with something other than water.

But once I found something (hooray) and threw together a mighty cute outfit (if I do say so myself, my shoes rock : )), I'm feeling a renewed sense of satisfaction that I will find a new job opportunity. That the fizzled out interview from last year will come to closure and I will follow up until that is the case. That the job that I doubted I could handle is actually one I can and would certainly be able to do and do well and that this morning in my semi-warm post-shower drip, I applied for it, causing me to be slightly late to work, but hell, it's FRIDAY, people, and I have better things to do than worry about being on time to put labels on envelopes, photocopy contracts, and chase people who refuse to read and hit 'reply' to emails I crafted with very creative and kind words.

And now as I sit at my desk and hear clearly all the people who are speaking at the Texas sales meeting in less then 2 weeks--I wonder do I really have to go if I'm hearing all this now? But so what, because it's FRIDAY people, and I've checked out of this place a long time ago.

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Molly said...

Ugh, I hear you. And Fridays should just be eliminated. Seriously. Tell me about the shoes!