06 February 2007


...While driving to work today I saw a big black U-Haul-looking truck. On one of its sides it read: Deathwish Piano Movers
...At the gym last night I dragged myself over to the "sketch" pad or the teeny, tiny stretching area where one can use large bouncy balls to do ab work, or just stretch and do traditional crunches or sit-ups. I opted for the ball-less crunches and had to shut my eyes for fear of having to see others in awkward positions or stare as I struggled after 50 crunches to attempt 50 more. The noises that came from my right were startling; it sounded like this man was having sex with a gym ball. Gross.
...I am wearing body shapewear underneathe my clothes today because I do not have proper long johns and this was one step better than regular undies. I feel like I am wearing a girdle right about now.
...Someone I work with just told me his last day is on Friday and he'll move to Denver. I got jealous and wondered when I can announce the same news: that my last day is Someday and that I'm moving to Capri, which happens to be one of the places we went on our honeymoon and coincidentally enough--the place where the latest J. Crew catalog was photographed.
...It is 19 degrees out now and I'm already thinking of something fun to bake tonight.
...I'm trying a new nail place on Saturday. I'm hoping they're good and I'm looking forward to shiny toes and moisturized fingers. I yearn to return to the spa from last weekend and just learned my birthday is on a Friday this year. I know what I'm doing that day. And it's not work.
...I'm bummed that I won't be here for V-Day since I'll still be stuck in Texas. I hope that our day-late V-Day celebration is still fun--Bub is not saying much about it. All I'm asking for are some kisses.
...My hair is getting really long and I've had thoughts about trimming it shorter than an inch. I think I know what I want my next short hair cut to be.
...I wish my job right now was to decorate a cake or something. I'm sort of feeling a bit spent for a Tuesday. Anyone want to play hooky with me?


daily editor said...

Interesting tidbit about the JCrew photo shoot. I just got the catalog and wished I could be where all those models are--someplace warm!

Let's hang soon!

Molly said...

That offer for playing hooky still open? I could totally use a day off. =)