01 February 2007

ran dom


It's been a while, so I thought I should give the Internet an update.

I procrastinated on a project for work all week and it took me less than an hour to do and it was quite painless.
My boss just got promoted to that thing right below a president. Ick.
I've been eating pumpkin seeds this afternoon and they're the spicy kind.
I've been a huge gym procrastinator, I'm up to 2 times in 2 weeks. Is it really that hard? Maybe I should see above and realize that going can be quite pain-less.
I feel much better than last week--I now forget that my left ear is blocked.
I made brownies last night, skipping out on an egg and reducing the butter and sugar by a few smidges--all would have gone well if I had reduced the time to bake more than a few smidges. They're a little hard. Yowzas.
I'm looking forward to a spa day on Saturday, beers with friends, house shopping, and talking about our next vacation. After so many overseas trips, we have decided to stay in the country. After all, I still haven't been to California. Hawaii would be fun, too...

Is this work day over yet?

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