06 June 2007

Bub Time

Everyone should consider taking a random Wednesday off. Or, call in and pretend you're sick.

That's exactly what I did. The best part? That Bub didn't go to work either.

We had ourselves a naughty lunch and said what the hell? It's our day to do what we want. It was like having a birthday and doing as you please but it wasn't our birthday at all.

Did we do anything special? Not really--but we got some much needed time together. Looking back on that reasoning it seems silly. Here's the man I've been with almost six years. We've lived together for almost five and next month, we'll have been married one. I see him every night and morning after/before work, on weekends (when I'm not away for work), yet I felt like it had been a while since we had spent real bub time together.

Didn't we just get back from a NYC trip together? Yes. But the whole trip was focused on work. And it wasn't fun to enjoy Sunday thinking about how Monday it was more work and on and on. Sure, I finally put in for my second vacation day so far this year to enjoy next week, but today--there would be no guilt when calling in to my boss with the oldest line in the book: I'm not feeling so hot, so today will be a sick day for me. And then the hesitant: Call me if you need me. HA! I forgot my phone at home for most of the day, so clearly I couldn't have cared less.

Tomorrow is back to work for us, but we're one day closer to the weekend and one business day more refreshed. The most important part, we've caught up on bub time because the few minutes of saying goodbye in the morning to rushed dinners so we can do errands/chores/exercise/sleep just don't cut it.

So I just got off the phone with my mother and let it slip how we played hooky. She made me feel guilty. And threw in how some of us work...as if I've ever pulled something like this before. I guess I forgot that she is my mother and certain things still sound outrageous to her even when I think I've made a sound decision as an adult. I'd like to think I am one.

Yes, I do think everyone deserves their own mental health day whenever. Bub time is just as important as making a living.


flutter said...

AB-solutely. Good for you.

Molly said...

I think it's wonderful you took a day for yourselves. Don't let your mom make you feel guilty. I'm sure she hasn't been a perfect angel every day of her life!

sassafras said...

Darn, I'm sorry your mom had to make you feel guilty about your day. Mental health days are a must! I'm so glad you got to enjoy it with your husband =)