29 June 2007


Today has been a fluffy work day. I had a good start, working from home, then about 11am, our brand spanking new, shiny, stainless refrigerator arrived. I know, it's just a fridge, but now we have actual shelves in the freezer (our wedding cake top is still taking up 80% of the thing, but at least we have some other space for all the actual frozen items one would normally have in their freezer). We now have normal shelves and not shaky wiry ones with two cracked crispers that were scary with one not really good at opening and closing.

Exciting, right? Well, I pulled something in my neck. Don't ask. I seem to be ever prone to neck pain now. I guess that's what you get when you're old. I was brushing my hair after this morning's shower when it happened and so now I feel like I have a headache starting at the base of my neck and dead center. It's really dumb, I know.

And in an hour the weekend officially starts. Except it's not just any weekend--it's my longest weekend in history. Our office is closed Monday through Wednesday. Can you say wow? WOW!

Happy Weekend!

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flutter said...

oooh ouch. excederin migraine and an ice pack...