25 June 2007

HBO's Influence


We have semi-crappy cable. Do not ask why, do not pass go and collect $200. We just don't. We don't have Bravo and we don't see the Red Sox unless they're on Fox. It's just the way it is at our place. Again, don't ask why.

We do have HBO, however. We have some priorities in place, you see. And with HBO comes alot of semi-good/great stuff--and some not so great. And then of course there's the issue of gee, this movie was just on! And I stayed up really late watching it when I could be watching it now at a much better (and earlier) time. These are the issues one faces when one does not have a DVR/TiVo, etc. I can't even vouch that TiVo is spelled or listed here correctly, that's how out of tune I am with this new technology that's really not so new anymore. Moving on...

I would never know how to answer the question: What is your favorite movie, Ripe? What have you seen that's good? Aside from my last post involving a flick (which sadly is not yet and may never be--who knows--on HBO), here is my list because thanks to HBO, I can watch these and never tire of them. Go ahead, have your fun. I will admit that if you have this playing on your TV, I will watch with you, no matter what:

In Her Shoes.
I can quote parts of this flick, yes. I love it when Maggy calls Rose a "Big, fat, pig"--I just love it. The shoes are, of course, fabulous.

The Family Stone.
Love it. Ben is cute. Meredith makes you so uncomfortable during the dinner scene. It's just so painful to watch. Just a good film. Enjoy it immensely.

Now...I can't believe I'm going to list this one, but here it goes:

Nanny McPhee (did I just write that?)
Wow. I think this is a nicely created flick. Very vibrant and different. Kids are adorable; Simon is a favorite. I like the name Evangeline, too. I love when Nanny McPhee says "You are the end of the story." Sigh.

What are some of your favorite flicks and which are the ones you can watch again and again and again!?


sassafras said...

I'm still waiting to see In Her Shoes!

Pretty Woman - I can recite the whole movie I think. My favorite part is the night at the opera, from start to finish.

When Harry Met Sally - it's just good.

flutter said...

Heavenly Creatures

Big Lebowski

Harry Potter

Molly said...

Sleepless in Seattle

Father of the Bride

Dirty Dancing

Love Actually

Hi, I'm a sap!