20 September 2007

It's Gabriel

There, I confessed it.

Moving on.

I'm exhausted. Today was so busy with all those meetings I said would eat up my day. And I feel like I can't be 100% psyched for the weekend because come Monday morning, my ass will be up at 4am, not to go to the gym, not to get to work early, but to board a train that will haul my ass to NYC for meetings--more meetings--all day. And my last meeting? Won't end until after 4pm, which means, yay, that will suck. And I don't and can't and won't elaborate that much more except I tried to take my chances with a train ride to NYC instead of flying because I'm so sick of the delays and the pain in the ass that going to the airport is. But seriously, our first meeting requires me to get on the earliest possible train in the history of ever. So I'll be arriving one hour and fifteen minutes early for the first meeting because if I don't plan ahead and be on time which I hardly ever am, I'll most likely be late seeing as how the next train, which would require my being up at a mere hour later--5am, gets me to NY fifteen minutes earlier than when my meeting starts.

Bored yet? I am. Tired yet? I am.

Ugh. Anyone up for caffeine suckage downage at 8am in NY on Monday morning?

Thought so.

Happy almost weekend.


flutter said...

you too girl

blogging said...

boooo traveling for work. i have an 8 am flight next saturday, SATURDAY out to vegas for work. where in most cases would be fun, but yeah, it's not like i'm going on vacation. i'm working. booo.

enjoy the weekend while its here- and i'm totally with ya on that whole caffeine thing. they really need to develop like, an IV caffeine coffee drip. thats portable. seriously.

Molly said...

Yucky. Try and enjoy the weekend!

kwarterlifecrisis said...

I like the name Gabriel! Gabe is so cute. And your title cracked me up. :) Have a lovely weekend!

erin said...

yuck - make it through monday - i wish i could join you for that trip to the bucks...

hope your weekend was great!