26 September 2007

Not sure how to feel

I had my review today. That annual thing where you say things about yourself and how great you are in hopes of promotion-ville or raise-ville or fantastic feedback-ville.

After my first review here, I got a raise, but it was a surprise; I expected nothing as I have been in positions where, if you do not get a promotion, you get little or nothing. I expected the latter, but instead I got double the "norm" or whatever that is.


I was psyched.

And so now as I near my 2.5 tenure here, I waited for something similar. I mean, who knew what the review would bring. I got the juicy raise last year, the office this summer, I was sort of on an up and up.

I got solid feedback and I was reminded of things I did that I forgot I did--and they were good things.

But I left without anything to feel great about--no additional moolah, no promotion, nada.

One thing about where I am in a position is the growth that comes with it. I have grown here, but I'm always looking for the next milestone to reach. And although they hardly (outside of my direct report) promote others, I can't help but wonder what the turning point will be for me here.

What is next?

And I find myself saying that alot lately with not just work, but with my life's path.

I've never been one to plan...I just sort of followed. And I know that's not very creative, but I mean, I went to college because it's expected and it was the right thing to do--at least for me. And then I found my first job, which was what you were supposed to do after you graduated (unless you went to school, but publishing doesn't require it, so there you go), and then I got married to my husband because when you find your love, that's what you do--you don't let them go! And so then you're where I am...at this crossroads where you are the person who has to decide what's next because there is no more flow--I mean, the flow can happen in any number of ways.

Am I beating a dead horse here?

Anyway, all of the above aside, I will leave you with this question:

Where does one find inexpensive, but fun accessories/jewelry? I'm talking a red-beaded necklace or something of the sort? I'm in need of fun items like these. Similar to the Mint Julep's of the world (or the 2 that are in MA)...

Bostonians, speak up! Or else, point me to any good sites for online shopping!

Merci beaucoup!


brookem said...

hey, you're from boston?! me too! i looked around on here for an email address for you but couldnt find one. if you want, email me and i can tell you of some good accessories places that i like.

and congrats on the review- i hear you about the cash to back it up though.

Molly said...

I don't know what you have near you, but believe it or not, New York & Co. has really cute, affordable jewelery. Also, don't tell anyone, but I got a fabulous beaded necklace at Wetseal. NO, I don't shop there, but I went in with my 18-year old sister!

sassafras said...

Wow. Your paragraph on going with the flow and doing what you're supposed to do in life totally rings true. I couldn't have said it better myself.

It sounds like you are definitely at a crossroad in your life. I sense some changes coming...

blogging said...

hi love. ohhhh mint julep. how i love thee.

as for cheaper jewelry thats fun and funky, i say without hesitation: so good! jewelry. there is one in downtown crossing, on the corner across from bath&bodyworks. and another one near sonsie on newbury, but it's not as good as the TWO FLOOR ONE in downtown crossing.

i will warn you though: it is very, very overwhelming. in a good way. i took my best friend in there (total fashion girl livs in nyc) and she literally sighed and said "omg, i've died and gone to heaven."

go. now. email me if you have any questions, i promise you'll find something.

...oh, and on the more serious side of things? i second everything ms. sassafrass said.

and now, i will stop this ridic long comment. xo, bb