10 September 2007

Sick. Of. It

I don't know how my husband does it. He's worked at the same company for 10 years and he gets up early, puts on a smiling face, and then faces the music.

Me? I must be bored, but I've had it here. And because I've posted pics of myself and feel all paranoid, I'll keep my big mouth shut.

I'm either totally PMSing or way annoyed. I had a chocolate frosted donut this morning too. Despite me feeling the cellulite growing at an alarming rate, I should have enjoyed it way more given that it was the only bright part of my morning outside of reading some funny posts, emails, and remembering that I'm in an office now and can shut the door.

I'd be happy to trade places with Britney Spears, however. I can take her millions and make my hair look 100% better than hers, love my kids, not use drugs, and actually look like I'm having fun on stage. I mean, what gives?


kwarterlifecrisis said...

For reals. What DOES give?! I feel the same way about my job as you do about yours lately. I'm bored with it. Look at the bright side though - you had a chocolate frosted donut this morning. I was starving this afternoon and went down to the staff kitchen hoping there was something delicious like that in there. No such luck. I returned to my cube with four Club crackers. :(

flutter said...

amen! I am leading the charge to make you the new Britney

Molly said...

Seriously, what the hell?!

And also, I kind of want that donut now...