02 February 2006


Here's a list of shit I've been doing/working on since I last wrote in my blog:

Seeing horrible wedding bands
Avoiding the gym like a dirty tissue
Drinking wine as I guilt myself about eating and drinking bad things
Poking around on the Weight Watchers site
Reading A Million Little Pieces
Figuring out text for our "Save the Dates"
Scheduling cake tastings (more guilt for not going to the gym enough)
Sitting on my butt
Trying to weigh the pros and cons of having a videographer at the wedding
Figuring out what flowers go with sky and smokey blue
Avoiding the long list of addenda I must draft for too many publishers
Learning about jobs that I'd be qualified for if I moved to Hoboken
Learning about our new humidifier
Figuring out how the hell to invite people from work to the wedding--should I?
Procrastinating on sending in the last law application

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