10 November 2006


So, we're Mr. & Mrs. and we're trying to put the finishing touches on our albums. Whee!

The parents ones are due tomorrow so that we have them in time to give at Christmas. Our final album will be created soon thereafter. It's really much harder than I thought it would be--these are photos that you want to choose just right since our kids and grandkids and even strangers could see. I just got our announcement into the paper of the town where I grew up which is what this photo was used for. We have yet to do that for bub. Oh bub is right there, below! Isn't he something?

Right now I have an amazing online album from our photographers which was truly a surprise because we only expected them to post photos online and that's it. But in addition they took some photos and created layouts and set it to this slow, soft, repetitive instrumental music. It's really silly but I get emotional when looking at it. Wait, that's not really silly, is it?

So I've seen the photos numerous times and now bub is weighing in. It'll be worth it in the end--the constant back and forth on selections, the hefty prices we have to pay for these. We are trying to preserve memories here. We can't go back in time.


Ben G Bundles said...

Holy cow, you both look awesome!! Why I care, I don't know! When you put stuff online, I guess you have to realise that there are strangers want to wish you the best. I feel like the drunk uncle at the wedding who just gets in the way a bit (i had one at my wedding). Anyway... congratulations!!!!

daily editor said...

You two are so cute -- and happy! Glad to hear the albums are coming along. I still want to see your wedding video!

Tyjen said...

great photo!

Clink said...

How gorgeous are you two?