09 November 2006


It's sad when you feel certain people in your life are drifting away. Sometimes you don't know which fight to fight and which drifter to let go. I find this happening with a few people that I know from various stages of my life. One is a high school friend who I know loves and cares for me and I for her yet I feel that it's harder to stay connected than it is to remember the memories which remind us why we are friends (or were friends) in the first place.

I know that drifters are a part of life but it upsets me when certain friends drift due to the extreme measures it takes to be included in their schedule, life, circle of friends. It's even worse when a significant other becomes the focal point of their lives and friends are an after thought.

Drifters and significant others being the focal point of a friend's life are not new concepts by any means. I deal with the fact that I have been the drifter and not just the driftee and that I, too, have put my friends second when I first started dating bub.

Perhaps I'm more mature, a married woman now; or, perhaps I hold greater the value of friends because I feel that in any of life's uncertainties you want to feel surrounded by a secure, loving group of people and that the love of one person, though it may feel like it's all you need, may not be. And do not get me wrong, if I only had the love of my husband, I would most certainly feel lucky--and I do--but I'm just trying to make a point about friends here, so bear with me.

So right about now, anyone who stopped to read this may think: whoa, how depressing. But I just don't get why friendships fade like this. And in some of the scenarios I'm experiencing now it could very well be that there's nothing left to say. Or perhaps it's already been said before.

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