13 November 2006

It's been a pretty good Monday.

Despite the rain and the one long, neverending traffic light which, depending on what sort of day the world is having, cooperates or shits on your commute, it's what made me stroll in to work 10 minutes later than I should have which in turn required me to stay later. Fine.

We discovered what the crowd is like at our new gym tonight. It semi-blows. I mean so many people are there, motivated to shed calories or bulk up. On nights that are so rainy I prefer a glass of red and some Six Feet Under. But since Netflix hasn't yet made the next delivery and since there have been a few too many rainy week nights spent inside and since I finally caught up with those pounds I lost for the wedding, I figured it best that I be a bit more productive with my time.

That's what's being an adult is about, right?

Today we also found out some sort of scary news regarding the health of a family member. That's all I'll say for now as we want to know more before coming to terms with it. But I sincerely hope everything is okay. There are alot of strong and tough people out there. I like to think that I'm one but this person is even more of one, if that makes any sense.

Be well.

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