12 November 2006

Fastforward: I'm drinking a second glass of Shiraz after I vowed this morning not to consume anything alcoholic for a while. Oh well. Not my fault that the beer I drank last night was nothing special and so therefore the need to makeup for it now. Not that the wine is anything stellar; it was on sale. It's decent.

Anyway. I made chili from a new recipe that requires not that much chopping and very little prep work. I enjoy prepping a little, but after a few veggies I get bored, tired and pretty much cranky that my meal isn't even close to ready because I haven't even cooked anything yet.

But so yeah. The chili came out flavorful, spicy, and down right hearty. It's one of those meals that perks up the cool days (not that we've had many of those...yet) and stays for a while in the tummy. But you see I think I made the chili more as comfort food not from the cold, but from having to deal with yet another fast-approaching work week.


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