07 March 2007

I like to think I'm the type of person who knows what she wants.

Got the job before graduating college...check.
Got promotion...check.
Found new job to escape current work hell...check.
Found new job within a month after new job's office closed...check.
Found another new job to escape current work "situation"...semi-check.

I am dwelling. I am stressing. I haven't even been offered the position yet. Daily Editor offers advice. (Thanks Daily Editor!) Others offer advice. Bub tells me to slow down--first things first.

I talked to an old co-worker who I haven't spoken to in three years who holds the position I am applying for, but in a different capacity. She reassures me, I am doing all the right things.

Knock on wood.

I get so competitive.

I get ahead of myself. I just want the option to choose what's next.

I hate final interviews. Eww.

I want my parents to tell me what to do next.

Bedtime is in less than 15 minutes. Up early for the gym, then for another day's work and another day until the interview.

Is it the weekned yet?

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