28 March 2007


Hi, I'm not.

But here's how the past two days have turned out:


Co-worker: What are you doing?
Me: Working
Co-worker: Is it a secret?
Me: Sure
Co-worker: Are you pregnant?
Me: Yes
Co-worker: Really? Swear to God?
Me: Yes
Me: I'm going to hell.
Me: Even he knows. (pointing to another nosy co-worker)
Co-worker: Congratulations!
Me: I'm not pregnant.
Co-worker: But you swore to God.
Me: I know.
Me: Go away!


(A different co-worker): Are you pregnant?
Me: Have you been talking to (fill in name of above co-worker)?
Co-worker: No.
Me: I'm not.
Co-worker: Well, I thought because of your shirt...
Me; Oh, yeah, I guess it's flowy.
Co-worker: And you seem to have that bump.
Me; What??!
Co-worker: I mean, you could be 3 months along.
Me: WHAT????!
Me: How long have you thought I was pregnant?
Co-worker: About a month.
Me: Okay...
Co-worker: I've ruined your day--I'm sorry. Laughs.
Me: No, it's okay. I know my belly needs work.
Co-worker: Maybe it's muscle.
Me: Right.


Thanks! I feel great about my gut. Glad I work here, too.


I've shared the horror story of today (see above) with others at the office. Mainly to share my shocked feelings, but to see if others think the same about me. I've been told I'm skinny and have a non-existant (someone even said concave) tummy. I'm not sure about that; I could put some butter on this one roll.

I'm also getting a lot of "How are you feeling? Don't lift anything. Have you picked out names?" jokes. I'm suprisingly not too upset but I wonder if you all think I'm a real fatty now.

I would like to think I'm not, but hey, someone I work with thinks I have some exercising to do...


sassafras said...

I'm disgusted right now. Why would your co workers say such a thing? MYOB. Sorry you had to deal with that!

Molly said...

That is so rude! I cannot believe anyone would say something like that to you. Ugh, people suck.