01 March 2007

The List

I make lists at home concerning things I must do each day, each week, especially over the weekend. Then there are the work lists. For the day, week, in general.

When I start doodling on my list, highlighting left and right, and crossing things off (which doesn't happen often enough), I have to start again. New paper, new list. It's exhausting.

You know what else is exhausting? This week. And I wasn't particularly busy. I mean I could have been busier, doing things on my list! However, 24 has presided over this (we just started Netflixing the 4th season and yes, we are already addicted), the cold winter air has kept me under blankets on the couch (big shocker there). Wine (another big shocker), downloading new songs (where is the new song with Timbaland, Nelly, and Justin?), being lazy--those were more important than finishing our picks for our wedding album (because we're four months away from the one-year mark!), cleaning the parts of the condo that weren't tidied this weekend (zzzzzzz), writing a sample to send in with my application to the writer's conference (and what will that be about?), looking at more than 2 Web sites for a new job (but I do have an interview!), amongst other to-do things. But do you know what? I'm okay with it. Really.

And tomorrow's Friday (as if you weren't already counting down the hours until the weekend).

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