30 March 2006

I just bought a cell phone online. I did the old "upgrade" thing so my phone was free and it's being shipped to me free. Now I would have thought to go to the store and actually purchase one to take home with me on the same day, but the thing is, the last time I did that, I had a 13 year old throw a phone at me and move on to another customer. Now me being a non-techie, I left the store not even knowing how to answer the thing when it rang. But was I going to ask teenage mutant phone boy for help and an explanation? No way. I slipped out of the store and drove away to ringing and my almost swerving off the road pressing buttons everywhere. Yeah, and it does only take one button to answer the thing, but it was all new and colorful; I was truly confused!

So today, I made a semi-hasty decision. It all started with a pesky flashing pop-up ad for a phone through my carrier--but that's not the phone I got. After much surfing online at work (yikes and oops), here I am. Free phone, free shipping.

Now all I need is a new charger.

Happy pre-weekend!

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