27 March 2006

Part II: Oatmeal Things

No, I didn't manage to forget anything important from the recipe, so it should work well for you if you do decide to make these. My only comment is that you shouldn't leave them out all night to cool because in the morning you'll be so inclined to have at least one or two for breakfast. Catch my drift? So now I'm punishing myself by not eating a proper breakfast and shall eat a boring lunch to make up for my irresponsibility of eating cookies at breakfast. And I get mad at Bub for doing such things and look at me. I'm a hypocrite now.

I'm at work sipping on my french vanilla iced coffee with skim milk and wishing that i had packed cookies with me for a lunchtime snack. Shame on me. These are guilty thoughts! These are terrible thoughts. On top of that I hurt my back at the gym on Saturday and it hurts. And so I didn't go to the gym yesterday or today making me just feel like I'm gaining cellulite inch by cellulite inch second after second.

Someone stop me.

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