26 March 2006

Oatmeal Things

So this is my favorite cookie recipe. And I just made them tonight for the zillionth time ever. I know the recipe by heart and even though they're (ahem) not good for you, this recipe was modified from the original to be healthier (if you can believe it)!

Thanks to my mom for introducing me to this little cookie heaven :)

Oatmeal Things!

Over medium heat melt 1 stick of butter or margerine in a medium pan of your liking.
As the butter melts, mix in 1/2 cup skim milk (or whole milk or whatever milk you enjoy from the cows).
Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla.
To that add 1.5 cups of sugar.
Mix in 5 tablespoons of UNSWEETENED cocoa.
Stir everything well, and do so over medium heat until mixture bubbles and boils. At this time, prepare a measuring cup(s) with 3 cups of INSTANT Quaker Oats (my measuring cup only goes up to 2 cups, hence the plural form of "cup"). The non-instant oats are an awkward texture for these cookies, I find, by the way.

Don't forget about your boiling mixture!

Constantly stir the mixture over medium heat as it bubbles and boils for a total of 6 minutes.
Remove from heat after 6 minutes and add oats, stirring aggressively.
If mixture is dry, add a splash of your milk of preference--but not too much!
Drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper.

P.S. Do not make these often if you are trying to fit into a wedding dress :)

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Sub Girl said...

these sound really good. i love oatmeal cookies~