30 March 2006

Someone broke into 3 condos/apartments on our floor, right next to our place some time today. They left the apartment diagonally across from ours' rug in the stairwell door, to keep it propped open and if you peep around the corner into the stairwell, you see boxes of jewelry flung all over. Two out of the three doors had gouges (sp?) in them and when the owners came home (as we stood uncomfortably in the hall when they started swearing and gasping and crying and cursing some more), they opened the doors, jewelry on the floor aside, the only other noticeable item (apart from noticing things missing) was the fact that He-Man himself must have been on our floor because the incredible locks that everyone thinks and feels are the most safest--they were on the floor, ripped out, bent, torn, cut open, you get the picture.

Me? I'm OK; a bit scared, rather worried. And thinking, will they be back? Will they kill to get what they want? And, of course, which loser let a thief(s) into the building since you have to buzz anyone in without a key?

Fuck you thief asshole(s)!!!!!!!!!!


Sub Girl said...

that's scary--just reminds you you can't get too comfortable.

daily editor said...

Oh my god! Be careful!