20 March 2006

a few bits

No.1 So I have some stomach issues today. I think I have a bug. Sure I had two beers last night, and probably too close to my bedtime, but I've never suffered from drinking immediately before bed as I'm usually sleepy. But I woke nauseous and after a little English muffin, I wasn't sure I could make it in to work this morning. Alas, I'm here and doing semi-okay.

No.2 What is the craze about My Space? I've heard about it too much and I'm slightly annoyed to be out of the loop. Someone please share what all the fuss is about.

No.3 I've decided my dream job would be to open a cupcake bakery. I'm ashamed to admit it as it's the latest craze; there was an entire piece about cupcakes and their new popularity on the news the other day. The piece sparked an idea that cupcakes can be used to my advantage in certain wedding planning. But loyal readers, let me put your mind to ease: it will not in any way replace the wedding cake. I don't want you to think I'm copying another poster...if you catch my drift!

No.4 Lastly, I'd like to wrap up this brief post (I am at work, after all) with an update about a broken friendship. We haven't communicated in a good 4 years. From another friend I learn that this individual recently contacted her. They don't talk often and when they do it's brief and bittersweet. The girl just about fell off the planet and wished for no one that she knew as a friend to be in her life. Her moving many miles away assisted in this wish. So now, she claims that her "head is now screwed on" and she's ready to make contact. This friend gave me a clock that says something about being forever friends. Right. She (as cliche as it sounds) was like a sister to me. Apparently she has decided to contact me, I've learned from the mutual friend. I haven't held a grudge lately since I've tried, through the years, to contact her at work, by phone, and through email. People change and forget to tell one another, I know, but recently, when this individual learned of my engagement through the mutual friend, the subject was changed, and the moment was more bitter than sweet. This time was not too long ago, when the mutual friend informed said individual of such news. So I'm not sure how screwed on said head is. I'm not saying I need this ex-friend to feel joy for me or happiness. But caring an ounce might be nice. Or caring about my welfare alone would be decent.

Bub says I should be the bigger person and contact her. But it's not about being the bigger person here, it's about a faded friendship and the lack of effort I know I exude. And it's me finally being okay with letting her go. Although I did at one point seek to send her a save the date for the wedding. A failed attempt.

Girls can be so difficult. And so can I.


daily editor said...

This faded friendship--that's not D., is it?

daily editor said...

You and your pastry obsession! Remember when you did that little stint at 647, and took the class with DP? Ha!