06 January 2008

Cue Relief

We finally found a tenant for our condo.

I was surprisingly not stressed out about it after we found a mortgage company who didn't need a signed lease for us to move forward on the house. But come February, which is very much around the corner, both mortgages will hit us and it was as if we were standing on a dirt road with hardly any traffic just waiting for that big-ass lost bus to come screaming around the corner and run us over and take with it our money and our happiness.

For some reason I was relying on others' support of positive thinking and good vibes to find a tenant. Craigslist was not doing it for us. After several postings we got creative. Or Bub got more creative. In one instance we go into a boutique I love and as I start scouring for a deal I hear him say to the salesgirl Can we post a flier here about our vacant apartment for rent? The girl giggled and belted out a long uncomfortable ummmmmm. I pretended to not know Bub as I was embarrassed that he pushed further. What if I gave you the flier and after leaving you with it can do as you wish--even throw it out? Another uncomfortable response and then I hear the kiss-up dialogue. My wife loves shopping here; it's one of her favorite stores. So what do you say? I didn't get to hear what she did say so I asked Bub for myself when he was done kissing up. It turns out that when I asked him the salesgirl was within earshot. Bub replied that if I buy something she'll post the flier. The salesgirl quickly said no! But luckily she didn't seem too annoyed.

So we dropped off fliers wherever possible. We had lots of inquiries and more showings, but it was my random idea to contact a girl that I found by searching Craigslist, and not simply by just posting there, looking to live in a town one over from where our condo is and within close proximity to the shopping area where the above salesgirl incident occurred. In less than twenty-four hours she had her posse check out the place as she's relocating from the west coast. We were nervous with the painted cranberry living room and sage bedroom. The kitchen cabinets could be higher quality, but we were proud of our new refrigerator, Corian counters, faucet, disposal, and freshly painted walls.

Bub met the posse and reported back that they really liked it. I took it as a good sign, but Bub was more reserved. What if the actual person who will rent it doesn't like it? She wasn't there to see it and the friends were off to see other places which may have been better options...

A call within a couple of hours of the viewing confirmed that she did like it. Perfect is what she said. We wonder if she has a life outside of her computer as every email sent was replied to within seconds. And if we didn't write back immediately? Another email with different questions and comments was sent. A quick one. We were cool with it. Especially when it comes to the deposit. Just saying.

So that would be our good weekend news. That and we had ourselves a mini shopping spree at Bed Bath & Beyond. It was time we had a quality shopping time at a place other than Home Depot. Some of our loot:

Fun shower head? Check.
New non-rusted shower rod? Check.
Furniture storage cabinet for various bathroom items? Check.
Shower caddy? Check.
Cute wicker baskets for toilet paper (I know), gloves, hats, and scarves? Check.
Office waste paper basket? Check.
Ice trays (yes, we've been without them for almost a month!)? Check.

I feel like I'm forgeting something. Check.


mainlyclearskies said...

Hooray!! Hope she is a great tenant. And hooray for a fun shopping trip! We were at Home Depot AGAIN this weekend.

the fanny said...

This is excellent news! Hope it all works out!

sassafras said...

OMG Ripe this is fantastic! I'm so glad it worked out for you!!!!

And now you can concentrate on your new house which is so much more fun =)

Clink said...

Woo! That's great.

Michelle said...

good news! that's definitely a big relief.

daily editor said...

HA! You kill me. I'm so glad you guys found a tenant. Rock on!