11 January 2008

Making Progress

The good thing about watching a ton of home improvement shows is the fact that when you've seen enough sparkling new kitchens, bold paint jobs, and snazzy furniture, it makes someone who just moved into a 93-year old house with much to do feel like crap.

For two nights in a row I went off on Bub that there was so much to do and it'll be a month come Tuesday that we'll have lived in the new house without any painting or remodeling done whatsoever.

Then I realized how crazy I sounded and profusely apologized to Bub. Sorry!

Back to the television watching... So, last night after watching one of those "How Much Can I Sell My House For?" pieces, I got off my ass (shocking, I know) and for only a mere 1.5 hours I straightened up our dining room. Really? Only that long to finish unpacking the china, to finish sorting through the bazillion vases we have (we need not another vase until we're 60), and even getting some stuff together for good will. Hi, ugly plate with big tulip not from our wedding registry. You came out of no where. Be gone!

So our dining room has our old kitchen table in it, all Pledged clean, complete with chairs, and my fabulous new crystal bowl sporting the clementine-orange centerpiece look. It reminded me of The Break-Up when Jennifer Aniston when ape shit on Vince Vaughn when he wouldn't get her the appropriate number of lemons for her centerpiece.

Anyway, I also tore down in true demolition fashion the ugly ass old lady curtain donnning the cool slender 3-window set we have going on in that room. What's left are rickety shutters, but they give good character, so they shall remain for now.

I did manage to scratch the wood floor (damn!) when moving the table to the perfect position. We shall get into fixing that later when we get to rip up carpeting! (I know, the fun that we have in store!) I'm just so proud of my progress that I think I can make great strides to finish unpacking the rest of the 3 rooms that still have boxes in them this weekend. Then there'll be a cleaning party, complete with gloves and me frowning. Because hi, we have close to white kitchen floors which get dirty in two seconds and those pine needles from the Christmas tree? Still there.

Hey, it was hard enough to get off my ass, did you think I was going to go and get all crazy with a vacuum too?

Happy Weekend!


sassafras said...

Happy Weekend!

Here's to both of us making significant progress on our living quarters this weekend!

mainlyclearskies said...

Congratulations on the progress you made!

Don't feel like crap - just think about all the cool projects, and new techniques, you get to try on your house. It will forever be a work in progress, so don't get down about it. It'll come together just fine.